Wednesday, February 21, 2018

STLMQG Charity Project: Nurses for Newborns

STLMQG's charity project for this year was announced at the last meeting, and the organization we're supporting is Nurses for Newborns. They've requested small quilts, 2 feet by 3 feet, which they bring to their first visit with a new family, use on the floor to demonstrate baby care to the new mom, and leave behind for mom and baby to keep. N4Nb specifically requested the small size, 24" by 36", and colors that won't show dirt so much, especially for the backing.

Stash to the rescue! I ought to be able to do something suitable with this pull.

There's enough of the focus print for the backing with a little left over to use on the front. Black & white prints because infants see high contrast first. A rainbow of colors, bright and cheerful. Note the yellow-orange in there - more about that in a minute.

A layout of high contrast blocks, simple framed squares plus the focus print. Here are the blocks on my wall:

I'll get this finished up and bring it to the April meeting, and I'll probably make a few more little quilts for Nurses for Newborns before the final collection in the fall.

STLMQG is also running a Rainbow BOM Challenge this year. Each month they announce a color. If you make any block of your choice using that color, each month throughout the challenge, you get a raffle ticket for prizes at the end. If you participate every month you get bonus tickets. The blocks have to prominently feature the color of the month with low volumes or neutrals, and have to be posted before the next month's meeting to be eligible.

This month's color is yellow-orange. Not yellow. Not orange. Those colors, we're told, will be featured in later months. I found a scrap - just a scrap - of yellow-orange in my stash. Here is my block, and you can see that I had to cobble together my scrap to come up with the center square.
Shown with yellow, orange, and red-orange for comparison.

You can find my yellow-orange block featured near the center of my N4Nb project above. Two birds with one stone. Or with one little yellow-orange scrap. Not bad!

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  1. What a sweet little quilt! So bright and cheerful, perfect for N4Nb :)

  2. You nailed it with the yellow/orange color. Your quilt is perfect for new mom's to use with the first born. Great group to sew for.

  3. How cute is that!?! That bright print really works with the blocks.

  4. What a great charity! Love the brights. I wasn't sure how that focus fabric was going to work, but it's great with all the black and neutrals.