Monday, February 19, 2018

February Birthdays

Normally this would be my Design Wall Monday post, but there hasn't been any new activity on the design wall lately.

DS and DGS "CJ" both have February birthdays. CJ just turned three. Grandpa ordered these for him: little yellow rain boots (shown with Grandpa's shoes for scale). Too stinkin' cute!

And I made this for him: a reversible superhero cape with his initial and a lightning bolt.

The guys came in for the weekend so we could celebrate. It was a quick visit but we all had a good time. CJ is quite the little chatterbox!

He had to model his new rain gear for us: perfect fit! Now he's ready to splash in some puddles. Or they can go throw rocks in the creek - a favorite activity - and not worry about getting his feet wet.

He wasn't so sure about the cape, but we finally got him to try it on just before they had to leave. DS loved costumes when he was little. Maybe CJ will like the cape better after awhile....

CJ has a new big boy bed so he needs a new twin-size quilt for it. We looked at pictures on the computer together and he chose the focus fabric. We looked at several (preselected) choices on Saturday, then came back to the top two on Sunday, and he chose Timeless Treasures Construction Zone. I've ordered it and I'll use my Big Print Beauty pattern to feature it.

We had a good visit and enjoyed our time with them while they were here. Now it's back to normal this week, so I'm hoping to spend some time in the sewing room and get a few more Pickle Dish blocks made.

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  1. Love those bring yellow boots! He is going to have lots of fun splashing around with those this spring!!! Adorable cape too! It looks really nice, I've sewed on satin and it is not easy!

  2. Happy birthday to this cute little guy! Love those yellow boots!!!

  3. Such cute boots, I don't blame you for wanting to get them. The little guy looks so cute in his rain outfit. The cape is really nice and looks very well made. I hope he realizes what a great gift it is soon.

  4. Love that cape! He'll grow into that for sure. The construction vehicle fabric will look so darling with your pattern.

  5. Ohmygosh! so cute. Thank you for sharing <3

  6. Such fun yellow boots. And what kid wouldn't want a super hero cape? Glad you had a great visit.