Friday, November 30, 2018

November Stash Report and Goals Update

It feels like it's been a busy month. I know it's been a big month for stash acquisitions. I think I'm still doing okay, the stash is still down for the year.

November Stash Report:

IN this month: 22 yards (Blogger Bundle from Bernie at Needle & Foot, 1-1/2 yards. Remnant order from Connecting Threads, 7 yards. FQ Frenzy & Sale at Jackman's, 12.5 yards. Inner border for the Red Project, 1 yard. )
OUT this month: 17-1/4 yards (Star print backing for Snake QOV , 5-3/4 yards. Donated Coral & Ivory top from 2011 STLMQG Sew-In, 2-1/2 yards. Binding for donated green top, 3/8 yard. Sheep baby quilt: pink Plus top, 1-3/4 yards, backing 1-3/8 yards, binding 3/8 yard. Donation to Cave Quilters spiral QOV: Star Print, 3 yards; white-on-white prints, 1-7/8 yards. )

IN YTD: 138-5/8 yards
OUT YTD: 143-3/4 yards
YTD Net Change: 5-1/8 yards OUT

Some of the yardage out this month was donated to a group QOV project. I've been working with Kevin the Quilter and some friends on a spiral star design that evolved from one of my Nurses for Newborns quilts. Here's the N4Nb quilt, the inspiration.

And a photo showing our progress on making a QOV in the same spiral concept. We got together earlier this week to make blocks, and amazingly we got them all made. 
Photo credit: Kevin the Quilter

The blocks are not sewn together yet, they're still on Kevin's design wall, so we're hoping to get together again very soon to finish the top so he can have his wall back.

November Goals Update:
1. Make one last Nurses for Newborns quilt for November; due Nov. 10. DONE
2. Prep backing, layer and baste Pickle Dish. DONE. Quilting started.
3. Make another Operation Shower baby quilt for CSQ. DONE, pink Plus quilt with sheep backing. 
4. Add first border to Red Project top. DONE
5. Look at UFOs and determine what to work on and/or what to do with some of them. DONATED four flimsies to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for her Quilt Ministry.
6. Deliver donation quilts to their respective organizations. DONE - N4Nb quilts went to STLMQG on 11/10 and the orange Operation Shower quilt made in October went to the CSQ coordinator.
7. Hand sew on WIGSP Piecing Group project. Not done. 
8. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE

Nurses for Newborns quilts turned in in November

Operation Shower baby quilt with sheep print backing

Basting Pickle Dish

December Goals:
1. Make two doll quilts for great-niece's doll bunk beds for her Christmas gift.
2. Make one side of checkerboard border for the Red Project.
3. Use the FQ bundle from Bernie (Needle & Foot) as the starting point for a Mercy Quilt for her, and get it to the flimsy stage. 
4. Work on quilting Pickle Dish: get all of the SID for the background done and a good start on the background stippling.
5. If time permits, make another donation quilt for Operation Shower.
6. Hand stitch on WIGSP Piecing Group project.
7. Keep up with bee blocks.

Not listed, but if the scheduling works out, finish the Star Spangled Spiral QOV top with Kevin and friends.

That's a big list considering all the Christmas prep activities and social events going on this month. It might be kind of a stretch, but we'll see how much I can get done. 

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Stash Refresh

I might have added a little a lot to my stash this month. My usage numbers have been good this year and I was down by nearly 10 yards at the end of October, so no guilt for refreshing my "Fabric Resources."

First, I'm thrilled - I won a blogger bundle from Bernie at Needle and Foot, this beautiful selection curated by Sandra at MMM quilts. Thank you, Bernie and Sandra! More on how I'm using these rich prints in another post, but suffice it to say I love them, even though purple is not one of my usual colors.
Image from Bernie, here

Connecting Threads (no affiliation) had a remnant sale earlier this month, $1 per yard. I must have gotten lucky there, too, because there was still stock left when I looked, but it sold out by the next day. I scored some great basics. The two whites are actually white-on-white; I thought I was ordering low volume grey-on-white, a paisley and a medallion print. I like the white-on-whites even better!

Jackman's (LQS) had a sale including their $1.09 fat quarters earlier this month. You know I can't resist their FQ sale so I had to check it out. They had lots of great basics, including brights and low volumes. I may have stocked up with doubles of some.

In addition to brights, I must have been thinking about masculine colors, too. I didn't intentionally pull these blues, neutrals, and chocolates for one quilt, but they sure do look good together.

While at the store I checked out the sale yardage, looking for backings for baby quilts. I found this cute coral pup print and a couple of all-purpose greys. Most of my stash is cuts of one yard or less, or FQs, so I either have to piece backings or purchase yardage for them. For baby quilts, these 1-1/2 yard cuts will work great.

So, total stash enhancement, 21-1/4 yards. Total outlay, $78.57. Net cost per yard, $3.70. Not bad. This is how I can continue to make donation quilts. And now I have lots of inspiring new prints to play with. Should keep me busy for awhile!

If you've left a comment for me lately, I haven't been getting them by email so I've been unable to respond. If you left a comment and I didn't respond, I'm sorry.
Louise answered my call for help to fix the problem, so I've tried what she suggested and I'm hoping the problem will be fixed and I'll be able to get comments. Thanks, Louise!

In camera news, my son brought my old camera to me over the weekend, so the above photos should be the last of the phone photos, I hope. Henceforth I can't blame the quality of the photos on anything other than operator error, as I'm not a photographer.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lost Comments

Does anyone remember the fix for getting blog comments sent to email?

I'm suddenly no longer getting comments in my email so I'm unable to respond individually.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Friday, November 23, 2018

A Finish for Operation Shower

With all the little boys in my extended family, it's rare that I get to make girly quilts. But last spring when I found a remnant of a cute sheep print, I knew it would make a great backing for a sweet baby girl quilt. Just needed an opportunity or reason to make a girly quilt.

My guild is supporting Operation Shower by making baby quilts for expecting military families. The perfect opportunity to put that sheep print to good use! Earlier this week I was able to get it quilted and bound, so now it just needs a spin through the washer and it'll be ready to go. Since we don't meet in December, I'll deliver it at the January meeting.

No sheep print on the front, but the palette was definitely inspired by the print. The sheep became the back, with a little help to bring it up to size.

A loose meander made for quick quilting, and will keep it soft and drapey. So cute!

Since this is a donation quilt for a baby, I'm going to include it in my Rocking Chair Quilts tab above. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

O Tannenbaum Revisited

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, it's time to think about Christmas, and Christmas decorations.
Last year I created a life-size Christmas Tree wall hanging for my son's home. They don't have room for an actual tree, so they have a full size quilted one. With real ornaments. *

This project was part of last year's 12 Days of Christmas in July hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

It was so popular that I wrote a tutorial for making it. You can find the tutorial here. It has been my most popular post ever.

There's still time to make a Christmas Tree wall hanging like this before Christmas. If you know anyone, such as a student or a nursing home resident, who doesn't have space for an actual Christmas tree, this two-dimensional one would be ideal. And a lovely way to display their collection of treasured ornaments.

Before we jump into the Christmas season, though, I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get to enjoy time with friends and family, and lots of good food.

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*Pardon the magnets holding the quilt to the metal door. The quilt has a standard hanging sleeve for hanging it in the usual way on a wall, but I needed to use the door for photos.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Early Snow

We had a little snow last week so I stayed in and sewed. This is the first time I can remember having this much snow this early in November. We got about 5" or so. It was still coming down when I was taking pictures.

You may remember last week I showed this adorable sheep print and the beginning layout of a baby girl Plus quilt.

I got the flimsy sewn together and couldn't resist a couple of pics in the snow. Actually, I didn't go out in the snow, just took the photos from my back door.

I'm still using my phone for photos and I just can't seem to get a good, well-focused shot of these fabrics. This is about the best I can manage.

I'm working on quilting this and I'll have a finish to share later in the week. The cute sheep print is the backing. This will be a donation to Operation Shower.

In other news, I took the broken camera in to the well-known camera store in town. They don't do repairs there, they send them out. By sending it out I would be authorizing up to $200 in repairs plus the $20 shipping. They would call me if the repairs are over $200. This model sells used on EBay for $200. I can't justify the repair now. I've asked my son if I can "borrow back" my old camera that I gave him when I got the one that's now broken. He just uses his phone so he's fine with that. Hopefully he'll remember to bring it next times he comes for a visit. Meanwhile, I'll be making do with phone photos here on the blog for awhile.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Nurses for Newborns Quilts at STLMQG

At the STLMQG meeting last Saturday we turned in our Nurses for Newborns quilts. There were quite a few turned in; the the count hasn't been announced yet.

These are most of the ones from Saturday; a few more were added to the piles after I took the photo.

The first batch was collected back in May. Quite a few were turned in then, too. I'm curious to know what the total came to; I hope they announce it at the next meeting.

I contributed 12 all together. It was a fun project because the quilts are small enough they go together quickly, and I enjoyed trying out new techniques or color combos each month. If the charity committee decides to continue for next year, I will definitely make more N4Nb quilts.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Basting Pickle Dish

This week I'm working on layering and basting my Pickle Dish quilt. It's fairly big, 67 x 81, so I had to move the table and chairs out of the dining room to have enough space to lay it out.

I like to work in there in the morning because the light is good coming in from the front window. The layers are all smoothed out and ready to be pinned.

DH looks at this and sees Dr. Seuss. My SIL saw it laid out and said "CandyLand." I really didn't want a juvenile quilt, especially for how much work has gone into this one. Sigh.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

December "Operation Shower" Baby Quilt

The traditional guild I belong to, CSQ, is supporting Operation Shower, which provides baby showers for expecting military families. I can't resist the opportunity to make a sweet baby quilt.

Last spring I found this remnant in Paducah. Precious! This fabric is too cute to just languish in my stash. Who could resist those sheep?!!!

So I pulled some coordinating fabrics from stash. The only time I get to use girly fabrics is for donation quilts. I should have photographed them on the white tabletop instead of on the print, but you get the idea.

Another Plus quilt, simple patchwork that lets the fabrics do the work. The sheep will be the backing because I couldn't bear to cut them up.
(sorry for blurry photo)

In other news, I broke my camera. It fell from my cutting table to the hard floor while it was on and the lens was extended. It landed in such a way that it bent the lens apparatus out of alignment. I need to take it to the camera shop and see what they can do with it. Sigh.

Meanwhile I'm making do with phone photos, which I don't like because they always come out looking out of focus no matter how carefully I try to hold the phone still. I may be posting less often or with fewer photos for awhile; please bear with me.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Nurses for Newborns Quilts

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you already know I've been making quilts for Nurses for Newborns. The nurses provide education and support to young moms who may have difficult circumstances or lack of resources. They take a quilt and other baby supplies into the home of the new mom, place the quilt on the floor, lay the baby on it, and demonstrate baby care. Then they leave the quilt with the young family. Because they're carrying so much stuff on their first visit with a family, they prefer small quilts in the 24" x 36" size range.

STLMQG is collecting the N4Nb quilts tomorrow. I've made one per month plus an extra. I turned some in back in May, and I have seven more to turn in tomorrow.
From left, above:
- June, strips from a Moda scrap bag given to me by a friend
- July, a scrap bundle from Amy Smart
- August, a spiral pattern test
- September, inprov strip piecing
- October, leftover construction zone fabrics from my grandson's big boy bed quilt
- Bonus, a demo sample for my organization system
- November, nine patch with ABC print

June - Sept.

 Sept. - Nov. 

All are at least 24" x 36" and some are just a bit wider but still in the general size range. I've enjoyed making them each month, especially pulling the fabric palettes together and/or trying out new-to-me designs. 

Here are the ones I turned in back in May, on the side fence: 

And the latest batch, too many to fit on the side fence so they're on the back fence:  

I'm sure the STLMQG charity committee will get piles of little N4Nb quilts tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing them all.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November N4Nb Quilt

You knew I'd get it finished in time...
...all washed and crinkled up nicely... be turned in on Saturday. 

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Monday, November 5, 2018

One last N4Nb Quilt

The Nurses for Newborns quilts are due this Saturday. That means I have to quickly finish the one for November. No worries, it'll be done in time.

I dug deep into the stash for this ABC print that dates from the early 2000's. I bought it when a local shop was closing, one of those all-that's-left-on-the-bolt deals. I ended up not using it as planned, and I have more than three yards of it. I also have a matching yellow solid from 1997 that I've been saving along with this print. Time to put them to good use.

I found a couple of blues in my stash that coordinate well enough. Since I need to make this quickly, a simple nine-patch will do.

The flimsy is done; I just need to get it layered, quilted and bound. I'm planning to use more of the ABC print for the backing.

Then I also need to get all the N4Nb quilts washed before I turn them in Saturday. Hopefully later this week I can get photos of them all on the fence outside. Sorry for the gloomy indoor photos here - it's been raining for days.

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Goodbye to some UFOs

I have more UFO flimsies and tops than I'll ever be able to quilt myself. I recently pulled out a few that I need to do something about.
Green Bohemian Bento Box, 2016

My household doesn't need any more quilts, nor does my son's. I've given quilts to relatives, and baby quilts to all the grand nieces and nephews.
Glorious Greens, 2017

I make a lot of donation quilts; most of these tops were created with donation in mind.  My resources only go so far, so I can't pay a long-armer to quilt them, then give them away.
Peaches and Cream, 2012
Pre-blogging; made at the first STLMQG Sew-In 

For me, it's all about pulling the palette of fabrics together, creating the design/pattern, cutting, and piecing. After that, I get bogged down. I'd much rather move on to the next design!

Crawling around on the floor layering and basting a quilt is my least favorite part of the process. I'm only so-so at quilting, just simple walking foot lines or FMQ meandering is the limit of my skill level. This is why so many flimsies have ended up as UFOs.
Propeller, 2018

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is active in her Quilt Ministry and has a long arm. I reached out to her and asked if her Quilt Ministry would be able to use these tops. She graciously accepted.  Thank you, Sarah, for providing a home for them.

As I said in my note to her when I mailed them out, I'd rather donate them now to a recipient of my choice than for my heirs to have to deal with a pile of UFOs later. Win-win-win! I get rid of tops that are taking up space. Sarah's organization gets tops they can use. And after Sarah does her quilting magic, someone in need of a quilty hug will get a quilt.

And the best part: If I donate just tops, I can continue to make as many as I want. I can play with color and design to my heart's content, and not have to feel guilty about all the UFOs I'm generating. Of course, I will still continue to finish (quilt and bind) quilts from time to time, and donate some of them.

I see more donation tops in my future, and I'm open to other organizations who might be able to use them (leave a comment if you have a suggestion). 

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