Rocking Chair Quilts

What does a rocking chair symbolize? If a child's health or circumstances are such that an agency gives him a quilt, it seems to me he's in need of the comfort offered by a snuggle in a rocking chair.

I have a goal of piecing or quilting one donation quilt each month.* Some go to agencies for kids, some are for baby quilts. Either way, a small quilt can wrap a baby or a kid in a quilty hug, and perhaps touch mom or caregiver, too. 

I've decided to call my donation quilt project Rocking Chair Quilts. Some of my donation quilts have been photographed on my rocker. I know a few people have mentioned they're joining me in making a donation quilt each month. Feel free to call yours Rocking Chair Quilts too if you like. I'm not on Instagram so I don't have a hashtag for them but go ahead if you're so inclined.

All images copyright Jan Ochterbeck 2017-2022. Please pin with attribution. 

PCQ Quilt for Kids, 45 x 58", February - April 2022
Prototype for PCQ community service sew day pattern and kits

Sock Monkey Plus, 44 x 56", Dec 2021
for PCQ Community Service

Pink KK Variation, 40 x 52", Oct. 2021

Striped Kool Kaleidoscope, 36 x 36", Sept. 2021
for PCQ Community Service

Strippy HSTs for PCQ Charity Sew Day, 45 x 60"
for Quilts for Kids drive, May-June 2021

Top, Leftover Four Patches, Jan - Feb. 2021
quilted and finished by PCQ for Boy Quilts Drive 

Chevron and Animal Print quilt, 40 x 48" 
Given to PCQ for Kids' Quilt Drive, Spring 2021

Bold Multi Geo, Pieced in STL, finished in AZ
Given to PCQ Charity Committee for Boy Quilt Drive
48 x 60",  Feb 2021

Boy Quilts from Panels for PCQ Charity Committee, Feb. - Mar. 2021
Quilted by PCQ members
Train Panel, 45 x 60"

Eagle Panel, 45 x 60"

Bug Splatter, Nov. 2020, 41 x 51" 
for STLMQG's LEO quilt Drive

Tiny Guitar Picks Plus baby quilt, Oct. 2020, Operation Shower

X in the Box baby quilt, Sept 2020, Operation Shower

Tree House Party baby quilt, Aug. - Sept 2020, Operation Shower

Little Birds baby quilt, July 2020, Operation Shower

Positively Peachy baby quilt, July 2020, Operation Shower

Sea Glass Baby Quilt, June 2020,
Operation Shower

Round Robin Baby Quilt, June 2020
Operation Shower

May 2020 for Little Lambs Foundation, 35" x 41"

May 2020 for Little Lambs Foundation, 36" x 42"

Purple Chunky Churn Dash
43" x 50"   April 2020 
Hands 2 Help, Little Lambs Foundation

June 2019, for Project Linus, 38" x 48"

March 2019, for Operation Shower, 36" x 45"

February 2019, for Operation Shower, 42" x 42" 

November 2018, for Operation Shower, 40" x 48"

October 2018, for Operation Shower

March 2018, H2H Little Lambs

February 2018, H2H Little Lambs

January 2018, Little Lambs

Scrap Scramble, December 2017, Operation Shower

*Only children's and baby quilts are shown here; I also make donation quilts for adults.

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  1. What a lovely collection of quilts you have donated. All so different and very pretty. Well done.