Wednesday, January 31, 2024

January Stash Report and Goals Update

A new version of Scrappy Celebration with friends, this time in batiks with black, got me sidetracked this month. In addition, my color classes are mostly one week apart this time instead of two weeks apart, so a lot of my time has been spent reviewing and updating my previous lesson plans and prepping for teaching. Therefore, not a lot of progress was made on some of my other projects. 

Stash Report: 

IN this month: 0
OUT this month: 7-1/4 yards (Backing for patriotic Scrappy Celebration, 2 yards wide backing. Test blocks for Edna's pattern, 7/8 yard. Pattern test sample for Edna's Stars, 4-3/8 yards)

YTD Net change: 7-1/4 yards out.

Fabrics being used for batik Scrappy Celebration have not been counted. When the top is complete, we'll estimate the total consumption and divide by the number of participants. 

Goals Update: 

January Recap: 

1. Prep for and teach first two sessions of Color Class. DONE

2. Finish the Kaffe Gradient top. No, not touched.

3. Continue working on Road Trip. Worked on layout and filler blocks. Not happy with the result. 

4. Work with Edna to draft her pattern. Make test sample. DONE.

5. Work on a UFO or an Adopt-a-Quilt. Not done

Other: Made more than 20 blocks for Scrappy Celebration 4 in batiks with black. 

February Goals: 

1. Continue prepping for and teaching weekly color classes.

2. Continue making blocks for SC4.

3. Finish the Kaffe gradient flimsy.

4. Figure out a plan for how to salvage Road Trip.

I'm keeping the list short this time because it's a short month and I have four color class lessons to prep for. Wish me luck! 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Scrappy Celebration 4, Batiks with Black

 Linda, Edna, and I are at it again, making another Scrappy Celebration quilt, our fourth. Another friend, Nancy, will be joining in the fun. 

This time we decided on batiks as our palette/theme, and black instead of white for the ground color. We had a concern about big blobs of solid black being too heavy, To visualize, I carefully replicated the pattern in EQ, exactly as shown in the magazine, and substituted batiks for the colors and black for the white. Yes, much too much heavy solid black. So we're using "black alternatives" in much the same way we used low volumes for some of the whites. Here's my EQ rendering with some solid black, some "black alternative," and some very dark batiks.  

As long as we mix black alternative prints and batiks and keep our colors bright, I think it's worth pursuing the concept. Together we've made a few blocks so far. Here they are on the design wall. 

 We need more variety of colors, especially brights. We'll make some more blocks and see where this goes. 

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Friday, January 5, 2024

Finished Patio Quilt

 The patio quilt for my husband was definitely a success. Looks like he likes it!

We get the sun in the morning during the winter but it's still chilly, so to take advantage of the sunshine I made him this quilt using the leftover made-fabric from our patio pillows and flannel for the backing. 

He likes it, and I have a finish instead of a UFO. Win-win. 

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