Here are some of the quilts I've made over the years.  Many have gone to other homes and I don't have pictures of them, but here are some of my favorites. 
All images copyright 2013-2023, Jan Ochterbeck.
Please pin with attribution and be sure to link back to my blog.

Mineral Plus, 60 x 80", 2019-2023, for Hands2Help
donated to Hospice of the Valley via PCQ

Cube Challenge a la Escher
96 x 96, Feb. 2023
PCQ's annual challenge featuring The Cube
quilted by Alycia Carmin

Snake Quilt in Coral, Orange and Pink, aka Candy Land, 
June 2022-March 2023, 59 x 78

back of Jelly Roll Race in Provence prints, 2022
donated to SWFAC via PCQ

Race Leftovers, 2022, donated to SWFAC via PCQ

Shards, January 2023, 60 x 80, donated to hospice via PCQ

Hot Race, 72 x 96", Oct. 2022
Donated to Natalie's House

Bright Strippy Race, Pieced 2019, 
finished Sept. 2022, donation 

Green Dresden Plate Medallion, August 2022, 48 x 66"

Basketweave Quilt for Natalie's House, twin size, July 2022

Tangerine Quarter Log Cabin from Carla's leftover blocks, 
July 2022, donation quilt

Steppers, pattern by Alycia Quilts, 48 x 66"
May 2022, donation quilt

Blue Color Bars, 60 x 80, May 2022
donation quilt, pattern developed for PCQ,

Bolt of Lightning donation quilt, April 2022

Donation quilt from Carla's Strips
April 2022

Sock Monkey Plus donation quilt, 
44 x 56",  January 2022

HOW MANY, about 96 x 98", 2007-2021
hand pieced by CSQ Piecing Group, quilted by Sandy Etheridge
accepted into 2022 AQS Paducah show, group category

Kool Kaleidoscope, 40 x 40" 
Sept. 2021

Striped Kool Kaleidoscope, donation baby quilt for PCQ,
Sept. 2021, 36 x 36"

Color Spoke Challenge, from STLMQG BOM challenge in 2019
65 x 78",  June 2021

Strippy HSTs, donation quilts for PCQ quilts for kids drive, 
June 2021,  45 x 60"

Coral Strippy HSTs, planned for H2H 2021, given locally to neighbor fighting breast cancer
June 2021,  45 x 60"

Art Deco Inspired baby quilt for niece Emily,
April 2021,  48 x 48"

Rainbow Charm donation quilt for Hands2Help, spring 2021
50" x 68"

Railroad Quilt, panel and materials provided by CSQ Charity Committee, 
donation for CSQ quilts for boys drive, March 2021,  ~45 x 60"

Lighten Up LCT, 63 x 72"
October 2020

Mario, for grandson for Christmas 2020
~50 x 64"

Corona Medallion, 64x 64",  2020
quilted by Sandy Etheridge

Beach Baby 
Valerie's new grandma quilt, 
36 x 42, May 2020

Pink Cats baby quilt
for Hands2Help, to Little Lambs Foundation
May 2020   37 x 41"

Coral Flying Geese Donation Quilt 
for Hands2Help, to Little Lambs Foundation
May 2020   36 x 42"

Purple Chunky Churn Dash
for Hands2Help, to Little Lambs Foundation
April 2020   43 x 50"

Have Faith  Donation Quilt from Bee Blocks
Hands 2 Help 2020, to Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo
62 x 74"

Jagged Spiral in Batik
inspired by Wanda of Exuberant Color
Top donated to Covered in Love, January 2020
64" x 84"

Solstice Challenge
Top donated to Covered in Love, January 2020
Pat Sloan BOM with my own variations and setting
66" by 84", completed in 2018

Emerald Isle, 65" x 76"
Top donated to Covered in Love, January 2020
BOM from the Quilted Fox, 2016

Mitered Stripe Borders teaching sample
Top donated to Covered in Love, January 2020

Modern HSTs
Top donated to Covered in Love, January 2020

Checkerboards and Dresden Plates
102" x 102"   2017-2019
quilted by Dottie Vaughn
Accepted into AQS Paducah quilt show, 2020
given to Cherie Moore, 2020

Bright Strippy Spiral, 60 x 68", July 2020
Given to Eric Ochterbeck

Wren's Baby Quilt
November 2019

Roman Road,  72" x 72" 
completed August 2019
Variation of blocks from BOM at the Quilted Fox
quilted by Sandy Etheridge
given to Paul & Carolyn  

Snake Quilt, QOV, 60" x 80"
Group project, 2017-2019
Cherie, Kevin, Dar and me
QOV presented to Don Hoeferlin, June 2019

Pathways and Crossings
Black + White Challenge
42" square, July 2019
Featured in the January 2020 issue of Curated Quilts

"No Excuses" Challenge
STLMQG May 2019
42" x 54"
Donated to Operation Shower

Sew Inclined, bee blocks, finished mid 2010's, twin size
shown at STLMQG's quilt show in 2019

Dr. Seuss's Pickle Dish
Started October 2017, finished March 2019
66" x 76"

"Goodnight, Darleen!"
Pattern by Kevin the Quilter
March 2019
53 x 53"
Donated to Operation Shower

CJ's Big Boy Bed Quilt 
September 2018,  63" x 87"

Gus's Whale Baby Quilt 
September 2018,  39-1/2" x 45-1/2"

Scrap Scramble Baby Quilt
November 2017, 40" x 44"
donated to Operation Shower

Original Log Cabin Triangles
2016-2017,  66" x 75"

Gary's Flannel Quilt,
October 2017, 60" x 72"

Seasonal Migration
July 2017, 78" x 90"

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging for Real Ornaments
July 2017, approx. 30" x 79"

Dancing Plus II, 65" x 80", May 2017

Hands2Help Race Quilt, 
59" x 72", 2017, Donation to STL
International Institute

Welcome Home, 45 x 45", 2017, donation for Hands2Help,
STL International Institute

Boomerang Patches Baby Quilt, 36 x 46", 2017, donation

Jake's Baby Quilt, 2007 (photo 2017)

Lincoln's Baby Quilt, 41 x 41", September 2016

Benjamin's Baby Quilt, 42 x 45, November 2016

Autumn Forest, 66 x 80", November 2016
Alternate blocks from The Quilted Fox's Fox in the Forest BOM
Quilted by Dar Sforza
Given to Don & Doris Hoeferlin , Christmas 2016

Bohemian Bento Box, 60 x 72", December 2016
Given to Eric's housemates, Christmas 2016

PAussietivity, 60" x 60", August 2016
Aussie fabric version of Positivity from Cut and Shuffle Quilts
Quilted by Dar Sforza

Maple Leaf Star, July 2016
Fox in the Forest BOM main blocks from The Quilted Fox
Quilted by Sandy Etheridge
Given to Jackie & Art, Christmas 2016

Dancing Plus, June 2016, 60" x 75"
Given to Nickie & family, Christmas 2016

Black & White quilt for Hands2Help Happy Chemo 2016, 44" x 58"

Black & Tan quilt for Hands2Help Happy Chemo 2016, 58" x 58"

Framed Nine Patch sample for tutorial, 44" x 44", 2016

Framed Nine Patch baby quilt, 36", 2016
Given to hair stylist Julie, 2016

Positively Radiant, 51" x 60", 2016
Planned for Hands2Help Happy Chemo 
Given locally to Em K during chemo, etc., 2016

Antler Dance, 72" x 72", 2016
Given to Laurie & family, Christmas 2016

Gramercy & Friends, 72" x 86", 2015
Quilted by Jane Coons

Collection Challenge Plus, 2015, 57" x 69"
Inspired by a fabric collection challenge at STLMQG
Given to Gary's coworker going through a bad situation, 2016

Girl Donation Quilt, 2015, 40" x 49"
Boy Donation Quilt, 2015, 40" x 49"
both donated to UCPD

Plus Dash, 2015, custom quilted by Sandy Etheridge.
See Patterns tab for more info.

Hands 2 Help donation quilt, 2015. 40" x 40"

Max's Baby Quilt, 2014, 44" x 44"
For great nephew

Tyler's Baby Quilt, 2015, 40" x 48", for great-nephew. Spiral quilting.

Broken Chevron, 2014. 48" x 60".
See Patterns tab for pattern info. Spiral quilted.

30 Circles, 2014, 60" x 60"
Circle in the Square Quilt Guilt's 30th anniversary challenge

Mega Medallion, 2014, 90" x 90"
Custom long arm quilted by Sandy Etheridge
given to Maddie Brown, 2020

Bumpity Blue, baby quilt from stash, 2014, 40" x 44",
panto test for one of the book quilts
Longarm quilted by Darlene Pratte

CSQ Donation Drive, 2014, 40" x 48"
Tutorial created for guild members
Donated to UCPD

Zen Garden, 2014, 76" x 88"
Custom long-arm quilted by Sandy Etheridge
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Labyrinth, 2014, 60" x 72"
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Singing the Blues, 2014, 64" x 76"
Long-arm quilted by Darlene Pratte
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Heat Wave, 2014, 60" x 72"
Long-arm quilted by Darlene Pratte
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Scoot, 40" x 40", 2013
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Positivity, 60" x 60", 2013
Long-arm quilted by Darlene Pratte
Featured in Cut and Shuffle Quilts

Big Print Beauty, 2013, 75" x 100"
Long-arm quilted by Darlene Pratte.
Pattern available.

Modern Medallion Pillow, 2013. 23"

Linked, 2013 (two-sided) 40"
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

STLMQG Ohio Star Challenge, 2013. 26" x 36"
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

Charmed Snowballs, 2013. 32" x 44"
Instructions available on Tutorial tab.

Pink Strip Tease, 2013. 35" x 42"
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

Happy Accident, 60 x 69", 2011
from a Topsy-Turvy Nine Patch workshop
with Judy Laquidara in 2009.
Quilted by Sandy Etheridge
Parts mistakenly cut black, which should have been white,
resulted in a bolder, more modern, graphic design.
I added my own piano keys border.
Given to Andy & Melanie, Christmas 2016

Whole Lotta Circles:  Baby quilt made for my niece, 2002.  60 x 60 inches; original design.  
(poor photo; it's a scan of a print from film. Colors are much more vibrant than shown.)
Same block as ETGA 1 below.

Framed Nine Patch, 2005.  36 x 36 inches, original design.
Baby quilt made for co-worker.

Legacy, 2007, 68 x 82 inches.  Made for my dad for his 80th birthday.
Dad wrote a memoir of stories and anecdotes entitled "A Legacy of Episodes." The words and phrases printed in the blocks are the titles of the stories.  His legacy is in words and stories; 
mine is in fabric and quilts.

Loop in Motion, 2006, 60 x 60 inches.  Original design.
Circle in the Square Quilters 2006 Challenge celebrating the centennial of
University City Missouri.  Blocks hand pieced by members of CSQ Piecing Group. 

Baby quilt, 2010. DNP variation made for coworker. 34 x 50 inches.

Celtic Lullaby, completed 2011.  96 x 96 inches.  Original design. 
Started as a CSQ Piecing Group project in 2005, languished in UFO status until 2010. 
Hand and machine pieced, hand embroidered.  Hand quilted by Modesta Basler.
Wedding gift to son and daughter-in-law.  Displayed in AQS Show, Paducah KY, 2012.

Trellis, completed 2006.  62 x 74 inches.
Original design using 9-Patch and Kaleidoscope blocks.
Given to neighbor Dot Barbeau when she moved into assisted living in 2014.

Medallion Quilt, completed 2006. 60 x 60 inches.
Inspired by a class in selecting colors and prints
given by Louise Georgia at the Quilted Fox.
Quilted by Sandy Etheridge

Texas Tumblers  - Gary's Cowboy Quilt, 2010.  60 x 72 inches. 
Made for my wanna-be cowboy, after a couple of dude ranch vacations
and a trip to Texas during which he wanted me to buy cowboy themed fabrics.

Strip Tease, 2012, 35 x 42 inches, original design.
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

Celebrate, 2013, 44 x 52 inches.
A modern quilt using the Shaded 4-Patch block, inspired by the book
Designing Quilts, The Value of Value, Suzanne Tessier Hammond,
That Patchwork Place, 1994.
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

Flying Four Patch, 2013, 36 x 44, original design.
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

Hexies from Leftovers, 2013, 35 x 40 inches.
Black & white print 8" triangles left over from another project were cut down to half-hexies and combined with other stash prints. More leftover triangles were used on the back.
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020

ETGA 1, Original Design
 First Piecing Group project, started in 2001. Hand dyed background using eight gradations. Hand pieced by members of Piecing Group. Named for the shapes of the templates used (Eiffel Tower & Gothic Arch)

Craving, 1997
Honorable Mention, The Quintessential Quilt 1997
Donated to Operation Shower, 2020


  1. I was just perusing your gallery and saw several interesting quilts. The Framed Nine Patch from 2005 is described as your own design. Is it shown in your book? Or does it not use the sew and slash technique?

  2. Your quilts are just lovely! I could sit and look at them all evening. Love your color play and I'm now intrigued to get your patterns! I am just beginning to do charity quilts and was a bit stuck where to start and what size.... I see that there are many needs, many differing do it! Thanks!