Rocking Chair Quilts

What does a rocking chair symbolize? If a child's health or circumstances are such that an agency gives him a quilt, it seems to me he's in need of the comfort offered by a snuggle in a rocking chair.

I have a goal of piecing and/or quilting one donation quilt each month. Some of my donation quilts have been photographed on my rocker.

I've decided to call my donation quilt project Rocking Chair Quilts. I know a few people have mentioned they're joining me in making a donation quilt each month. Feel free to call yours Rocking Chair Quilts too if you like. I'm not on Instagram so I don't have a hashtag for them but go ahead if you're so inclined.

November 2018, for Operation Shower, 40" x 48"

October 2018, for Operation Shower

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

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