Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Stash Report and May Goals

Stash Report:
This is a bit awkward since April ended halfway through last week. I tally my stash report monthly and April hadn't ended yet last Sunday so there was still hope I'd use some yardage, right?
Yeah, like that would actually happen...

So, here are the April numbers. It was a very lopsided month.

April IN: 31.25 (French text binding, STLMQG free table, Paducah)
April OUT: 0.875 (3/4 yard for binding & 1/8 yard for bee block)

YTD IN: 111.25
YTD OUT: 73.8
YTD net change: 37.45 in.

April progress:
Review and edit all files for book: DONE
Check all calculations for yardage and cutting.
Check for consistent style.
Label all images and diagrams; compile list of them for managing files.
Check spelling & punctuation.
Photograph book quilts. DONE with help from a friend - Thanks Marilyn!
Keep up with bee blocks. DONE
Have fun in Paducah. Oh yeah, DONE big time!
Begin organizing all book files into AQS format & requirements. DONE

May Goals:
1. Print & organize all book materials
2. Deliver all book materials to publisher on May 12
3. Quilt Dresden Rows
4. Work on Michael Miller Challenge (requires purchase of add'l fabric for background)
5. Keep up with bee blocks
6. Design Baby quilt if time permits - not needed until September

Actually I'm keeping my May goals relatively easy - I've been pushing to get all the book stuff done lately and I think I'll slow down a bit now.

Michale Miller Challenge fabrics plus some enhancements
Baby quilt fabrics

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  1. I love the little forest animals you will be using in the baby quilt. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Paducah.