Monday, October 20, 2014

DWM 10/20/14 and Belated Stash Report

Finally, progress! After all the sewing at Sew Me St. Louis last weekend, plus some focused effort in  the sewing room last week, I finally have some finished tops. Backings, too. I've pinned them all to the design wall so I won't have to press them again.
Here's what my design wall looks like this morning:

At left, partially showing, is Broken Chevron, which has been in work for over a year but had to take a back seat to priority deadline projects. Then it required some layout revisions and time spent with the seam ripper. Now it's finally a finished top. Hanging on top of it is the backing for it, and draped over the stepladder is the binding, all prepped and ready to go.

On top of the backing for Broken Chevron is a baby quilt top and its backing, and the binding for this one is also ready to go, in the baggie at the upper right.

The blue print at the lower left is backing for another baby quilt, whose top and binding are in the lower baggie at right.

That's a lot of tops, backs, and bindings! I ordered batting, and when it comes in I can get these all layered and basted. It may take me awhile to get them all quilted, since I'll be quilting them myself on my Bernina. This is the last you'll see of those two baby quilts on the blog for awhile -- they need to remain secret until they're gifted.

So, the stash report:
Nothing in since last week's report.
In September I forgot to count yardage used for bee blocks, 5/8 yards used which I'll count in October.
Plus Dash test block, 3/8
Broken Chevron top, 4-1/2 yards
Baby quilt top on wall, 3 yards
Baby quilt top in baggie, 2 yards
Total out, 10-1/2 yards. Yay!
I'll wait and count backings and bindings out when the quilts are completely finished. But at this rate, maybe I can break even for October.

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  1. Wow, excellent progress. I love seeing backings spread out over quilt tops - it always makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot.

  2. I also pin tops and backings to my design wall. Great minds think alike, right? ;) Good job using your stash.