Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stash Report and other stuff, 9/20/15

IN this week: 3 yards
OUT this week: 2-3/8 yards (1/2 yd inner border & 1-7/8 yds outer border for QF Alt. BOM top)
I'll tally the totals & net stash change at the end of the month.

One of my goals this month is to prepare to teach a workshop from Cut & Shuffle Quilts in late October. So I decided to start a new project using my Block Mama method (in the book) to make the blocks. I can use them for workshop samples. The new project will use the fabrics below. The dark print was from stash, but I didn't have enough of the light solid, so I had to buy three yards of Kona Bone, thus my yardage added this week.
Fabrics for Antler Dance
The dark print actually has tan in it which shows up better in real life. It just looks grey in this photo.
The name of the new quilt will be Antler Dance. It was in the book proposal but wasn't included in the book due to space. It's another tessellated design like the aqua one on the book's cover.

Speaking of Cut and Shuffle Quilts, I'm thrilled that it's actually - finally - published! I haven't seen it yet in print but my copies are scheduled to arrive next week. Meanwhile, it's available through AQS.
Their description is horribly inaccurate so here's a better one:
Start with a simple square called the Block Mama. Cut it into pieces, shuffle the parts, and reassemble them nine-patch style. Create easy, unique blocks with endless creative possibilities! Cut and Shuffle Quilts features the Block Mama, four blocks, and six quilts made with them. Complete instructions are given for the blocks and the quilts. For added creative inspiration, all the quilts are illustrated in additional fabrics and colorways. Cut and shuffle your way to creatively satisfying quilts using the easy Block Mama method.

Anyway, back to the stash - does the print I'm using in Antler Dance look familiar? I used a little of it in Gramercy & Friends. It's in the block on the left in the photo below, and in a couple of other blocks.
Gramercy & Friends will be hanging in The Quintessential Quilt 2015 show at the University City MO public library beginning next Saturday and through October. If you're in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend you check out the show. It's free and open to the public during library hours.

This is the only photo I have of Gramercy & Friends finished. It shows off the quilting well, but the colors look too grey and it's a lousy photo. I'll have to get a better photo later.

So that's my exciting news for now....
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  1. I really like the layout of that quilt! It's not a medallion, but it more interesting than just rows and columns.

  2. What a great concept for a book, your description pulls me right in and makes me want to play with the idea right now! :) I hope you get to go see Gramercy & Friends in person yourself and share photos of it hanging on display.

  3. Sounds like came in is going right back out. I really like Gramercy & Friends. I'm not usually one for neutral tones, but they really work in that quilt.

  4. Congrats on your new book. Looking forward to seeing a real copy of it. I like your new Antler Dance fabrics too.