Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Progress...or Lack Thereof

A couple weeks ago I was having trouble with my sewing machine. The bobbin indicator light kept coming on even though the bobbin was full, and the machine would stop sewing. So since I would be in Paducah last week and would not need the machine, I took it in for service. Well, it seems everyone else in town who needed service took theirs in during Quilt Week too. The shop guy said yesterday that they haven't even started working on mine yet.

Before the machine went into the shop, my grandson's big boy bed quilt was to the point of blocks sewn into rows.

Hmmm, I see something I'm not happy with. See where a yellow part of the print blends with the yellow accent blocks? It looks like a mistake.

I can fix it by removing that block and swapping it out with the one in the upper left corner. When I rotate the blocks to the correct orientation, the print will be facing the same direction as it is now. Since I can't sew, I might as well get out the seam ripper and unsew.

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  1. I'm glad you are taking the time to change something that would bother you, and I hope your machine gets serviced soon!

  2. Sorry about your machine. And to think, all that new fabric and no machine!!

  3. Sorry about the machine, that is truly frustrating. Well at least you can un-stitch now and be ready to get moving when you do get your machine back.

  4. Aren't you glad that's the only one! It would drive me nuts, but the vast majority of the world wouldn't even notice.