Friday, December 20, 2013

My Studio

I love my studio!  DH helped create it a few years ago. The room is actually one of the bedrooms in our home. It measures 12 feet long by 10-1/2 feet wide.  DH installed the shelf & basket system for my fabric stash, put in laminate flooring, and built my design wall.  I really like the laminate flooring. It's easy to sweep up threads, etc.; and the cutting table and sewing table, which are on casters, can be moved easily.

Here's what you see from the doorway. You can see my fabric storage shelves with baskets; the stuff at the top is gift wrap, rarely used supplies, etc. The closet to the right contains hanging quilts, out of season clothing, etc. that are best kept out of sight. This photo shows the cutting table fully open, but I usually keep that right leaf closed so I can move around the room more easily. The drawers under the table hold templates, scraps, drawing materials, miscellaneous supplies, etc. The design wall is out of the picture to the right, and the sewing machine is out of the picture to the left. Sorry about the lousy photos; it's cloudy here today so I had to use the flash.
Studio, view from doorway

Here's the opposite view, from the corner you can see above.  What you can barely see in the foreground is my ironing table. The cutting table leaf is folded down in this picture. The clutter on the table is pretty typical. The sewing machine is out of view to the right of that red chair.
View from far corner

Here's the design wall, and the stepladder I use to reach the top of it. This view is from the sewing machine area.  You can see why I usually keep the table leaf folded down, so I have room to move around in that part of the room.  I use the far right part of the design wall as bulletin board space, hence all the hanging stuff there. Looks like I need to clear some of it out!
Design wall
Next is the view from the corner where the stepladder is. This shows the sewing machine area.
Studio, view towards sewing machine
Finally, here's the actual sewing machine area. Again, this is pretty typical of the amount of clutter.
Sewing machine area
You can see a couple of handy innovations that I'll share -
- Look under the sewing table. See that clear white plastic shoe box? That's my chain-piecing catcher. It rests on the rail of the sewing machine table and catches my chain piecing to prevent it from landing in the dust on the floor among the electrical cords.
- Do you see that black and silver thing under the plexiglass at the left? That's a lantern-style flashlight (the light spreads out sideways).  With the light underneath, I can use the plexiglass as sort of a light box to trace small things.  
Thanks for joining me on the tour; I'm linking up with Vicki Welsh over at Field Trips in Fiber for the Real Studio Tour. Check out everyone else's workspace over there.


  1. The light box is brilliant. You are the second person who showed a plastic bin for catching chain piecing. I've never thought of that but will do it from now on. I love the quilt on your design wall too!

  2. Beautiful studio! Love the lightbox idea and the bin for catching your pieces. I use a bin on the floor for bindings when I apply them.

  3. Good ideas. Your studio is crisp and clean and full of creativity!

  4. Having a step ladder close to your design wall is a great idea. You have a very nice space to work in.

  5. By folding the extension down on the cutting table you know you always have a clean surface to use when you fold it up. Sometimes that is the only way I can do any cutting in my studio.

  6. Gotta like your light box innovation! Thanks for the invitation to visit your space!

  7. Love the space and the light under your plexiglass. That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice studio! I like the step ladder idea - will have to remember that. And also your box for catching your chain piecing - I need to copy that idea!

  9. Great tour! the light box and your idea for catching chain piecing is very handy!

  10. nice working space, and you must have tidied up!! Wish mine was so neat and clean. Do you like your red chair?
    LeeAnna Paylor