Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nov. Stash Report and Dec. Goals

Whoo Hoo!!!! No fabric in this month!

Nov. Fabric In: 0
Nov. Fabric Used: 10.25

YTD Fabric In: 143.3
YTD Fabric Out: 125.33
YTD Net Change: 17.97 yards in

OK, 18 yards in the hole. I was hoping to break even for the year.  There are still a couple of projects that are not far enough along to count but I don't know if the tops will be finished to count by the end of December. 
Also, I have to buy fabric in Dec. for a project for a lecture in Feb. and workshop in March using large scale modern prints. I don't have what I need in my stash.


1. Biggest goal is to get the book proposal done and sent out to AQS. DONE!!!
2. Keep up with bee blocks DONE
3. Work on the Dresden project. Given to a friend who volunteered to do the hand applique for me. Thank you, Cherie!
4. Make 4 more pillow covers. Made 10
5. Design a project for the workshop I've been asked to give in February. Workshop moved to March. Not designed yet but ideas are in work.

1. Research modern & large print fabrics for Feb. presentation & start outline/PowerPoint.
2. Design a project for the workshop I've been asked to give in March using large prints.
3. Sew sample of workshop project top; keep notes for pattern.
4. Complete flying geese top,
5. Write Tutorial for flying geese top
6. Keep up with bee blocks

Flying Geese project

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out everyone else's stash management progress over there.


  1. You are quite the busy quilter, designing, writing, teaching, making quilts. Love the beginnings of your flying geese quilt.

  2. Great numbers! Congrats on getting your November list done! :) ~Melanie