Monday, February 17, 2014

DWM 2/17/14: A blue baby quilt

Here's what 's on my design wall today:
Bumpity Blue, 36" x 44"

This is a little top, 36" by 44", all from stash. Sorry for such a lousy photo; it's gloomy here today and I had to use a flash.  And I was farther away than I should have been so you can't see the fabrics well.  This really came out much cuter than it looks in this photo!

I threw this together as a possible practice piece for a new panto.
I requested that my long-armer friend use a new-to-her panto called Bumpity for one of my book quilts. Thinking she might like to practice with Bumpity before jumping into the book quilt, I threw this quick little top together. I hope I can give her this top and its backing as well as the book quilt and its backing sometime this week.

This little top uses 10 fabrics. From stash, including waste from squaring up, this top used about 1-3/4 yards of fabric. Here's a quickie tutorial:

- From each of nine different fabrics, cut one 4-1/2" WOF strip and sub-cut it into nine 4-1/2" squares. You should have 81 squares for the center and outer border. You'll use 80 of them.

From the last fabric, the inner border & outer corners:
- Cut one 4-1/2" by 18" strip and sub-cut it into four 4-1/2" squares for the corners.
- Cut four 2-1/2" WOF strips for the inner border;
    - sub cut the two side border strips to 32-1/2"
    - sub cut the top & bottom border strips to 28-1/2"

Assemble the center, 6 squares wide by 8 squares long (48 squares).

Add the side inner borders, then the top & bottom inner borders.

Assemble the outer side borders of nine squares each and attach.

Assemble the top & bottom borders with the corner squares at the ends and 7 squares between them; attach.

Layer, baste, and quilt as desired.

I'm linking up today with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out what everyone else has on their design wall.


  1. What a great baby quilt! So soothing.... I can see the babe all cuddled up in this beauty.

  2. What fun!
    The subtle colorway/stripes of the inner border are very effective.

  3. Such a soft, cute little quilt. Hope you show what Bumpity panto looks like. That's a new one to me.