Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stash Report 4/6/13

A little in, some out...

Yesterday I picked up a yard of text print for the binding on a French-themed group project. The project's instigator and designer was with me and she thought it was perfect. Here's a close-up:
French Text from Blank Quilting

Also this week I used part of a four-yard cut to make the backing for my Dresden Rows project, probably about three yards worth, give or take. I'll have to figure out how much is left. I'll total up the numbers at the end of the month. At lease I used more than I brought in this week!

Not much sewing planned for this coming week. I'll be taking care of some other responsibilities so I won't have much time in the sewing room.

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  1. I enjoy text fabric! They're so fun! ~Melanie