Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Stash Report & Goals Update

May Stash Report:

This week was a good week for the stash; no new fabric came in and 2-1/4 yards were used for this little top. (Some of the orange patches were left over from cutting too many for the CSQ Charity quilt, so only the ones actually cut for this top were counted.)

May Stash Totals:
IN: 16.25 yards
OUT: 7.6 yards
Month net change: 8.65 yards added

YTD IN: 127.5 yards
YTD OUT: 81.4 yards
YTD Net Change: 46.1 yards added
Since my goal for the year is to break even, I guess I'd better get busy and use up some stash!


1. Print & organize all book materials.  DONE
2. Deliver all book materials to publisher. DONE
3. Quilt Dresden Rows.  Started; need more monofilament thread.
4. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE
5. Work on Michael Miller Challenge.  Started: Designed; bought add'l fabric.
6. Design baby quilt. Not done.
Well, about #6 - The specific baby quilt that needs to be designed isn't done, but I did create the CSQ Charity quilt and wrote the pattern for it. Do you think that counts?

1. Complete Michael Miller Challenge. 
2. Finish quilting Dresden Rows.
3. Design & start on the special baby quilt.
4. Keep up with bee blocks.
5. Optional: Design CSQ 30-Something challenge. Celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Circle in the Square Quilters, the challenge is to create anything related to 30. So far I'm not feeling inspired....

Every month I include "Keep up with bee blocks" as a goal, and every month I accomplish it. Should I continue to list it as a goal? Since bee blocks are for someone else, I feel a responsibility to get them done timely. So unless something happens to prevent me from doing them, I'm going to get them done. But, they do take time, and sometimes a little fabric. Should I continue to list them among my goals?

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  1. Five out of size ain't bad. I think you can count the CSQ charity quilt. And keep bee blocks on your list -- that way you know you will always have something to check off!

  2. I would keep the Bee blocks on the list too. This is a goal for the month, right?? I'm for checking something off too. Cute baby quilt.