Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Stash Report & Goals Update

Stash Report:

Month IN: 1 yard (STLMQG free table - thanks Kristy!)
Month OUT: 7-3/4 yards (Mega Medallion wide backing; Medallion binding; 30-Something back and binding)
Month net change: 6-3/4 yards out - moving in the right direction!

YTD IN: 138-3/4
YTD OUT: 118-3/7
YTD net change: 20 yards in. At least I'm closing the gap. Think I can break even for the year?

Goals Update:

September Progress:
1. Work on CSQ 30-Something challenge, due Oct.21. DONE!
2. Work on Broken Chevron UFO. Um, worked on it a little; need to unsew some and revise layout.
3. If it's back from the long-armer, bind and finish Mega Medallion in time for Sept 16 CSQ UFO Challenge meeting. Finished in time!
4. Finish top sample for Kristen's quilt. Not touched. On hold - Kristen is too busy with school, Girl Scouts, Lego Robotics, etc. to work on hers now so I'll hold mine until she's not so busy. Maybe Christmas break, maybe next summer.
5. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE
6. Work on project for publication. Worked on it some, found insufficient contrast, now unsewing some blocks so I can replace the background fabric with a paler one.

Other, not on list: Designed & cut out the first of several new special baby quilts that will be needed in the winter. The family is growing! I'm going to have to stay busy to keep up!

October Goals:
1. Work on Broken Chevron UFO.
2. Work on project for publication.
3. Work on secret baby quilt.
4. Write tutorial for Churn Dash variation for blog (see Monday 9/22 and vote for your favorite!).
5. Keep up with bee blocks.

Palette for one of the projects I'm currently working on, all from stash.
Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Sunday Stash Report. Thanks, Judy, for helping to keep us accountable!


  1. With goals like yours, I think you will come really close to breaking even at the end of the year! :)

  2. Looking forward to what you're doing with the pallette of fabrics from your stash.

  3. Those fabrics from you stash look great. And I love your "30 -something" challenge quilt! Linda

  4. How do you work out how much fabric you've used? I really want to try this in the New Year. I've been destashing on IG so I have some spending money for newer fabrics I want by selling the ones I won't (realistically) use. I'm actually quite surprised how quickly the money adds up and is kind of unbelievable how much fabric I have -- and scary at the same time! I really want to make a lot of changes in the New Year in regards to how I quilt!