Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stash Report 9/14/14

A finish this week!

Thanks to my long-arm quilter friend Sandy, Mega Medallion is finished in time for a UFO challenge reveal Tuesday. This is the very first project I ever blogged about, but it's been on Sandy's waiting list for awhile. Here it is on the guest bed: I'll try to get some good pics sometime this week.
Mega Medallion

I don't remember if I counted the fabric for the top, so I'll have to go back and look at my records. But the back used 2-7/8 yards of wide backing, and the binding used 7/8 yard. I'll check my records and tally up the totals at the end of the month.

I've been so good lately, not buying any new fabrics. But yesterday I found this cute jumbo dot on the freebie table at STLMQG, and I couldn't resist. It's someone's leftover backing (thank you, Kristy) and there's about a yard there in two sections. I can see this in some upcoming baby quilts that will be needed in the winter; it'll work with boy or girl colors.
Jumbo Dot

So, 3-3/4 yards out and one yard in for this week. I'm moving in the right direction!

How do you count wide backings?
So far I've been counting by the yardage length, regardless of the width, for example 3 yards purchased and 2-3/4 yards used.
But there are always leftovers which find their way into pieced projects. How should I count those? 1/4 yard x 96" wide is certainly more available for piecing than 1/4 yard regular width, and could suffice for a pattern that requires 5/8 yard. Should I count 5/8 yard when I actually use it, as that's what the pattern would consume of regular yardage?

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  1. Love the jumbo dots. I've read that high contrast is more stimulating for babies so I always try to get some black and white in mine.

    Wide backs .... hmmm ... I started calculating by the square inches, using 1500 sq in for a "normal" yard. But lately I've decided just to count it by the yard, regardless of the width -- just easier that way. And, besides, we use it by-the-yard so it equals out in the end.

  2. Your medallion quilt is gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on the beautiful finish. I look forward to more pictures. :) I would count it used as you would count it purchased for the wide fabrics. I have been wondering the same thing. Did I buy 2 yards of 60" wide Minky, or the equivalent of three?

  4. I think I would count the yardage regardless of the wide of fabric, who needs the extra work to figure it out any other way? Congratulations on the finished quilt, the fabric you picked up looks like it could have been used in that project!

  5. Hahaha...I always like seeing my cast-offs being used elsewhere, glad to see that you picked it up.

  6. I would add it up as regular yardage. Would weighing the fabrics make it easier to determine how much is there? I did a destash on instagram and had a few scrappy bits. To help with pricing, I weighed a one yard piece of fabric, and then would weigh the off cuts so I knew that all those little cut into FQs and charms were the equivalent of three yards.