Thursday, February 19, 2015

Swoon Block for Gramercy & Friends

Grrrrr!!!!   :-(

Ahhh!   :-)
Spent part of today bonding with my seam ripper. Satisfied with the results.


  1. Oops! I'm not a fan of using my seam ripper...but so glad it is always near me! Love your block!

  2. I almost didn't notice until you said you'd use the seam ripper. I had to look again to see what was wrong. It does look much better, so it was worth the extra effort!

  3. Had to look twice. A seam ripper can be a very good friend, though.

  4. bonding with the ripper... I know I know. Me too. I ripped a bit today...grrr.... The block is sophisticated and stunning.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. I have been watching this one come together for you and I absolutely love the colors/fabric and the blocks! Beautifully done! The seam ripper is always a frustrating tool to have to reach for but sometimes it just has to be done :) At least you caught it before it was all sewn up into the top! Or worse, after it is quilted and bound :)