Friday, March 13, 2015

Book Update

A lengthy post - sorry - but to me it's a big story.

Finally, after not hearing anything about my book from the publisher since early November, I heard from them this week. Totally out of the blue, they sent me an e-mail with a link to what they're calling the final proof, for me to review within 48 hours, and sign off so it can go to the printer.


Long story short -
There's been a regime change at the publisher, and there's now a new executive director of all publications, and my project got caught up in the transition.

Sneak peek: This quilt is POSITIVITY, which is the first quilt in my book, using the PLUS block.

Good news/bad news:

The good news is great, actually. Whoo hoo!

First, they made it a 64 page book instead of the 32 page booklet they had told me they would make, and they didn't omit anything. I'm thrilled!!!

Second, there's a chance my book will be published in time for the AQS Show in Paducah in April.

Third, I really like the overall graphic design. It's clean, I like the page layout, and the colors relate to my quilts.

Fourth, I had a really nice conversation with the new executive director of publications, and she's OK with me taking an extra day to review the book.

This is HEAT WAVE, using the FOUR CORNERS block:

I haven't seen the cover yet. There was an issue with the title. They didn't use the one we had agreed on after I compromised caved when they didn't like my choice of title. I don't know where the title they ended up with came from, but we resolved a spelling issue and the book's title will now be Cut and Shuffle.

Further good news - I was able to thoroughly review the book for corrections and get everything sent back to them so they'll receive it all today.

This is ZEN GARDEN, using the LABYRINTH block:

Bad news -

The so-called final proof was filled with graphic errors and copy errors.

First, the same quilt block drawings are used throughout the entire book and sometimes are also used as graphic elements on the pages. There were seams in the wrong places in the drawings in every single block on every single page. I sent them a quick note about the corrections needed Tuesday and the graphic artist was already working on the block corrections Wednesday.

Second, the copy team did a good job of simplifying my overly complex border instructions, but the graphic designer used only portions of my original border assembly diagrams. Therefore the partial diagrams didn't make sense at all, either visually or related to the simplified text. So I'm asking them to eliminate several confusing graphics and replace them with new border diagrams. The graphic artist will have a lot of work to do to create these new graphics and fix the pages where they're needed. I e-mailed visuals of the new diagrams I want to the executive editor Wednesday but I haven't heard back from her.

They'll receive the package with my edits and corrections today. They will not be happy. There are copy and graphics problems on every page.

They want me to sign the release so they can edit and go straight to printing. I won't sign the release until I get to see a final proof again. There's just too much wrong with the first one I saw. It's not my fault that they chose not to sent me a draft earlier. I was promised two opportunities to review it. Getting only a "final' proof, filled with errors, does not make me confident that I can trust them to get it right without me seeing it again. I would rather delay the publication and miss the Paducah show but get the book right than publish a book filled with errors and incomprehensible illustrations.

Overall it has been a very frustrating experience, but I'm hopeful now that eventually there will be an actual book and it will look good when it comes out.

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  1. So sorry, I know you worked so hard only to have someone else mess with your baby. I think you are right not to sign off till you see the revisions. It doesn't do you or the publisher justice if a book is riddled with mistakes. Nothing circulates faster than customer dissatisfaction. I was excited I might be able to get it at Paducah but would rather have the book you envisioned. Keep us posted.

  2. Wow, it really does sound like your work got caught up in a transition mess a bit. I hope they are able to understand your concerns and work with you to get a fabulous book finalized. Hang in there!

  3. Congratulations on getting your book to this stage! I have published books (academic books, not quilty ones) myself and you are right to stick to your guns about another review. They should definitely grant you this in light of the transition. But at least it sounds like there are some good people to work with at the publisher. Here's hoping that all your issues get worked out quickly. Fingers crossed on this end!

  4. Having worked in publishing (scientific, but still), I agree - ask for another proof! If the publishers are good, they will care as much as you do that your book is as correct as possible. Good luck with it, those sneak peeks look really interesting. :)