Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fabric Swap, Stash Report & Goals Update

CSQ Held their annual fabric swap this week. I destashed 17-1/8 yards, and trashed two yards of damaged fabrics.
CSQ Fabric Swap Table
Scrap Frenzy!
I had good intentions of not bringing any fabric home, but I found some that would work well for pillowcases. My other bee is making pillowcases for a local children's hospital, and the prints I found would work for boys. So I brought 5-1/8 yards home. And I used 4 yards of it right away! (the remainder will go to STLMQG's free table in March so I'll count it out next month)
More Pillowcases

Stash Report:
February IN: 13.25 yards  (wide backings for two projects; 3 yds sashing for Gramercy; 5-1/8 yards from fabric swap)
February OUT: 34 yards  (8-1/2 yds camp pillowcases;  1/8 yd label borders;  17-1/8 yds to fabric swap;  2 yds batik dot charity top boy colorway;  2 yds trash;  4-1/4 yds add'l pillowcases)

YTD IN: 33 yards
YTD OUT: 34 yards
Net change:  -1 yard
Whoo Hoo!!! I'm in the black!

I anticipate a small purchase of Easter fabric in March. I'm hoping some finishes in March and April will move my numbers enough in the right direction to offset any purchases I might make in Paducah in April. My goal for the year is to break even.


February Update:
1. Make two 24" blocks for Gramercy & Friends at camp.  Done, but not at camp.
2. Make 8 pillowcases at or before camp. Done
3. Work on Gramercy & Friends to complete the flimsy. Completed all the blocks; sashing is in work but not completed. Decided no add'l blocks or borders are needed.
4. Work on project for potential publication. Set blocks together for center of top.
5. Keep up with bee blocks. Still in work, due 3/3, 3/7, and 3/14 so there's still time…
6. Pull unwanted fabric from stash for guild Fabric Swap on 2/17. Gave away 17-1/8 yards and threw away 2 yards of damaged fabric.
Extra: Made four more pillowcases with fabric acquired at fabric swap.

March Goals:
1. Complete Gramercy & Friends flimsy (it's on LAQ's list for April).
2. Layer, baste, quilt & bind boy charity donation quilt, due 3/17.
3. Prep Gramercy backing.
4. Add borders to complete potential publication project to the flimsy stage.
5. Make Easter basket for new grandson CJ.
6. Keep up with bee blocks.
7. If Plus Dash is returned from the quilter, complete the binding (may not get it back this month).
8. Finish writing Plus Dash pattern.

Looks like that'll keep me busy! What are you working on?
Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times - check out everyone else's stash reports over there.


  1. Wonderful pillow cases. That would be a fun event. Good job at using the fabric immediately.

  2. Congratulations on your fabric usage!

  3. Great stash busting! You did well on getting out the old to make room for the new. Good luck with your March goals.

  4. Love the pillowcases, especially the blue one. Good job using the fabric so fast.

  5. I bet it felt good to get all that fabric out of your stash. You are completely excused for bringing home that great pillowcase fabric. Lots of goals for March. Enjoy!

  6. Great job! And I love those pillow cases.

  7. Your pillowcases are great! Isn't it fun to make these and count the fabric out? The fabric table looked like lots of fun. Was it empty when everyone left that night?

  8. I love that dolphin pillowcase. Great finds! The swap looks like a lot of fun.