Monday, April 13, 2015

Cutting, Marking, Boring...

My design wall looks the same today as it did last week.
Hand Piecing Project on Design Wall

I'm cutting and marking triangles for the borders. All black batik, same as the setting triangles. I need 250 and I have 196 cut so far. I also need 26 of each left or right half-triangles for the ends and I'm almost there.  I think I'll have just enough yardage.
Stack of 196 Triangles

Since this is a hand piecing project, each piece must be marked with seam lines for hand stitching. Very tedious! This batik has a noticeable difference between the sides so I'm being careful to keep the pieces all same side up as I mark them.
Triangles Marked for Hand Piecing
The only sewing I did over the weekend was one X and Plus block for a bee friend.  These blocks are fun to make and are great for using a scrappy variety of fabrics.
X and Plus Block for Bee Friend

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times - check out all the quilty inspiration over there. Much less boring than my hundreds of black triangles!

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