Friday, December 15, 2017

More Paper Pieced Arcs

I'm still working on paper piecing the arcs for my Pickle Dish quilt. This week has been busy with Christmas preparations, etc. but I found enough sewing time to get another set of coral arcs, two sets of turquoise ones, and two sets of yellow ones done. The lightest coral ones replace some that were too dark.

Each set of four arcs makes a ring. The big bunch of coral ones banded together at the back is 16 arcs, which will go near the outer edge of my layout.

I've ordered Kelp green Grunge for the remaining sets. Thanks, Yvonne, for your help to identify the Grunge color. I'll make the green arcs before I start assembling the blocks because I want to play with laying the colors out on the design wall. I have to do that before the blocks are assembled in order to determine which two colors get paired up into one block.

I've been working on the arcs in sets of four at a time, chain piecing them. There are 8 seams per arc. Even with chain piecing, that's a lot of stops and starts, so I've been leader/endering another donation top. Between last week and this week it got to the point where almost all of the patches were sewn into rows, so I couldn't resist sewing the rows together and finishing it.

If these colors and fabrics look familiar, it's because some of them were used in my Broken Chevron quilt, and I still love the color combo. As is, this top is 40 x 44" but it's kind of sophisticated for a baby quilt. I'm debating whether to leave it as is or see if I have enough of anything in my stash for a border to enlarge it. What do you think?

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  1. I think it would make a beautiful baby quilt. These are my favorite colors!

  2. I'm so glad I could help and I hope the Kelp arrives and is just what you need to pull it all together. :) The pieced quilt top is lovely. I think it could definitely work as a baby quilt, but if you have more in your stash that coordinate, it never hurts to make a quilt bigger, either!

  3. The green quilt top is lovely and the perfect size for a baby. I'd use a fun baby print - mermaids or puppies for the backing and quilt it.