Monday, April 16, 2018

Blocks for Big Boy Bed Quilt

Those piles of pieced parts from last week have started to become blocks for my grandson's big boy bed quilt.

Almost all of the blocks are made. I planned the layout in EQ7 before I started sewing them, because the prints are directional and the blocks are asymmetrical.

And then my sewing machine started acting up. Stitch two inches, bobbin error light comes on, machine stoops. The bobbin is full. Change to different a bobbin. Stitch two inches, bobbin light comes on, machine stops. Clear the error message. Stitch two inches, light comes on, machine stops. Repeat enough times to get to the end of the seam. Call shop where I bought this machine and talk to the repair guy. It's probably just a faulty indicator and he talked me through disabling the bobbin alert function. I could continue to sew that way. But since I'm going to Paducah this week and won't be sewing, I took the machine in and they can fix the problem. 

Meanwhile I'll work on squaring up my Pickle Dish blocks. And making a shopping list for Paducah.

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  1. Oh, no! I hope you can get your machine back up to snuff soon! Those blocks are so cute and I recognize a few of the fabrics as ones I have in my stash, too :)

  2. Hmmm, what kind of machine do you have? Some Bernina's have metal strips on the bobbins and once that metal wears away the error happens. You can either use a new bobbin or turn off the bobbin warning (but I realize this might not be the case for you, it really depends on the kind of machine you have).

  3. You made good progress before you starting having the machine error. Enjoy your trip to Padacuh!