Monday, April 9, 2018

Pile of Pieced Parts

I finally started on grandson CJ's big boy bed quilt. Awhile back I showed the fabrics for it; CJ picked out the focus fabric from some choices I showed him.

Fabrics have all been pre-washed and pressed, and I've started cutting. And chain piecing:

There were a couple of hold ups. First, I needed a different yellow because there wasn't enough of the first one. And I wanted a few more prints for variety. So back to shopping and another order.

Second, my son had to get me the dimensions of the bed and how much of a drop he wants for the quilt on the sides. The bed has drawers underneath it and he didn't want the quilt to hang down over the drawers. Back to the drawing board to revise the design to accommodate the desired size.

Meanwhile, we were travelling, I was having computer problems, then Easter weekend, etc. etc. and you know how it goes, time passes. Finally I was able to get started. It's very satisfying to have such a pile of visible progress, finally.

Here's the EQ7 drawing of what this will look like. The focus fabric and the other construction truck prints are not to scale, but this is a guide I can work from for cutting and assembly.

I'll have plenty of leftovers of all the prints to piece together the backing. Plus I'll be able to make a pillowcase using the focus print and the yellow. I'll have plenty to keep me busy for awhile!

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  1. This is going to be so cute. Great to see you making progress.

  2. What a fun project this is going to be. I am excited for CJ!

  3. I like the design! I'm always on the lookout for interesting settings for I Spy so I may hang on to this.

  4. This quilt will be darling on his bed. I can imagine him picking out a focus print and he's thinking that nothing could be better than trucks. Well, maybe dirt. I've seen fabric that looks like dirt. No kidding.

  5. Your design is really going to show off those focus fabrics. It's going to be a fun quilt.

  6. Aw, fun design, and I love that your grandson picked the focus fabric. Beds are no longer standard sizes, are they? My granddaughter had a similar situation with a daybed style with drawers. It seemed extra long but needed to be narrower proportionally. I will watch your progress carefully because I think there will a need for two big boy bed quilts in my family this year.