Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Stash Report and Goals Update

I feel like I didn't get anything done this month, and I'm moving backwards because the task of unstitching and fixing the Pickle Dish blocks is hanging over me. Bummer.

I'm also bumming because Blogger no longer allows comments to come into my email where I can reply to the commenter. I feel like I'm losing some of my social connections. I'm sure a lot of others are experiencing the same problem. Anyone found a work-around yet? Are we losing the connected community that we quilt bloggers have created? 

And on top of all that, my favorite local quilt shop is closing. Sigh.

Let's look back at May and see how it went.

May Stash Report:
IN this month: 8-5/8 yards (from Janie Lou shop closing sale)
OUT this month: 8-7/8 yards (N4Nb quilt, numbers print - 2-1/4 yards. Grandson's big boy bed quilt top, 6-1/2 yards.)

IN YTD: 64-1/4 yards
OUT YTD: 66-5/8 yards
YTD Net change: 2-3/8 yards out

Still doing okay with stash management. I bought fabrics for a new baby quilt and some stash enhancemants at the shop closing sale.
For baby quilt for new great-nephew due in Sept.

Stash Neutrals

Stash enhancement, good gender-neutral print

Stash enhancement

Goals Update:

May Recap:
1. Finish piecing grandson's big boy bed quilt top. DONE
2. Piece and/or quilt another Rocking Chair or N4Nb quilt. DONE and turned in.
3. Mail out Hands2Help quilts to Little Lambs Foundation. DONE and received.
4. Make at least one checkerboard and one Dresden block for the red project. DONE
5. Assemble Pickle Dish blocks into quilt center. Not done; I'm in the process of unstitching, re-pressing, and fixing the blocks. 3 rows fixed so far. 
6. Finish prepping Winding Ways for Piecing Group. In progress; kits need to be ready to hand out on June 5.  
7. Start planning baby quilt for new great-nephew due end of September. Yes - Purchased fabric; working on pattern. 
8. Hand sew on WIVSP Piecing Group Project. Not touched. 
9. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE

Okay, maybe my results don't look that bad; I did accomplish something after all. 
May N4Nb quilt

Grandson's big boy bed quilt top

June Goals:
1. If possible, bind and label Snake quilt for potential QOV presentation on June 24. Depends on whether my friend can get it quilted with all the travelling she has going on.
2. Assemble backing for grandson's big boy bed quilt and get quilt layered and basted.
3. Piece and/or quilt another Rocking Chair or N4Nb quilt.
4. Make project for 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, take photos, draft blog post.
5. Snowball the corners of the Dresden blocks for the red project.
6. Finish fixing the Pickle Dish blocks and assemble them into quilt center.
7. Start working on baby quilt for new great-nephew due end of September.
8. Hand sew on WIVSP Piecing Group Project.
9. Keep up with bee blocks.

Okay, that's a lot - wish me luck!
Snake QOV top made with friends

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  1. Some bloggers have made a comment on their own posts, then clicked the 'notify me of other comments' box. This lets them know when people respond. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  2. I'm so bummed to hear about the Blogger comment and email problem. I do hope it gets resolved. And I am also sorry to hear about your LQS closing and I hope the unpicking and resewing of the pickle dish blocks wraps up soon for you.

  3. I am doing what Annette suggested (thanks to Little Penguin) and it's working! Which LQS? I feel your pain. As big as Nashville is, we have very few shops. In my new local I have three quality shops (if I drive 30 miles ...).

  4. Love your new fabrics, especially the little whales. So darling! I've heard the trick of leaving a comment on your own blog works, but doesn't give you easy access to the commenter's email address. So I've decided I'll put my address at the bottom of each comment, just to help out a bit. louise (dot) hornor (at) gmail