Friday, June 1, 2018

First Saturday Blocks

I won't be able to attend Alternate First Saturday tomorrow with my friends, but I do have my blocks for the month done. Here's where I'm at now:
Red Project blocks on design wall

Sheesh, I thought I was finished with all the Dresden blocks. I had previously cut all the background squares and pinned them together in groups of four. I thought I had enough, so when I finished the last block I thought I was done. Obviously not. So this month I'll have to make that one last Dresden block. 

Notice that one of the Dresdens has a snowballed corner. Eventually they all will have snowballed corners, which will create diagonal movement across the quilt. My goal for this month was to snowball all the corners, but since I have to make one more block, that's not likely to get done. 
One snowball corner test

Here once again is the EQ drawing of what this will look like when it's done. It will be huge - 102 x 102" - but after quilting and washing I expect it to shrink down to about 96 x 96" which is the size of the bedspread on my queen size bed now and it's perfect. 
EQ design

In other developments, I've been hearing about suggestions to deal with the Blogger situation with comments not coming into email. I've tried leaving myself a comment and checking the box to receive follow up comments via email, and so far it has worked. However, by this method everyone is classified as a no-reply blogger, so if I don't already have you in my contacts, I can't reply unless you leave your email address in your comment. I hope Blogger gets things worked out so they can comply with the EU privacy requirements and still give us the comment-to-email and reply feature we need. 


  1. You have made great progress on these blocks! Hopefully the last Dresden block comes together quickly and Blogger gets itself sorted out soon.

  2. Your quilt looks great and I love how the snowball block corners on your Dresden blocks looks in the EQ software. I am SO in love with that software -- it's just magic to be able to discover things like that ahead of time on the computer before you ever cut into a piece of fabric!

  3. Your Red Project literally SCREAMS my name! Beautiful design Jan!

  4. This is really a stunning quilt! Just beautiful. What size are the little squares?

    1. The little squares are 2"; the blocks are 14" finished. The Dresden blocks are a little oversized and will be trimmed down.

  5. The snowballing really does make a difference! I would have never guessed that. The diagonal movement really adds some zing :)
    louise (dot) hornor (at) gmail

  6. When you first said there would be snowball corners I thought, "Why?", but wow! That is going to be so awesome! Beautiful.