Monday, July 23, 2018

On My Design Wall: Pickle Dish Borders

One of my goals for this month is:
    - Add first borders to Pickle Dish top. Draft, cut, and start piecing second borders (to be paper pieced).

You know I've been paper piecing the second borders; I've posted about them a couple of times. Now the border strips are finished.

And then it occurred to me, when I take the paper off, those strips will be really stretchy. As planned, they measure 60-1/2 inches.

Just to be safe, I decided to add the inner and outer borders to both sides of the pieced strips before attaching to the quilt, that way the inner and outer borders will control the length of the pieced strip. I double checked the measurements of the quilt center. It should have been 60-1/2" but I found that it was 61-1/4".  No problem. I selectively removed a few scattered papers from the pieced border and eased it to 61-1/4". Then I joined the inner and outer borders and removed the rest of the paper.

Voila, top and bottom borders ready to add to the Pickle Dish quilt center.

The colored wedges will point toward the center, leading the eye into the quilt. The outer borders are an inch wider than the inner borders. Next month my goal will be to sew these and the plain side borders onto the top, to complete the flimsy.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about backing. I have some of the Rifle Paper Company print left but not enough. If I want to use it for backing I'll have to order some more and it'll be a different dye lot. I looked on-line at images of the rest of the collection and I didn't see anything else I want to use. If I order more of this print I'll have to figure out how to handle any mismatch. Suggestions?

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  1. Congratulations on getting the big paper pieced borders complete and ready to finish the quilt top. Hmm, you could always order what you need for the backing and use what you have left here for another project just to head off any dye lot issues, but what if you have a strip of some of the quilt fabrics from the front creating a line between the two if the dye lots are different?

  2. I used a similar design in my Zig Zaggy quilt. It is so fun to see the show up in other people's quilts. I love seeing the different ways "blocks" are used. I didn't paper piece. That is an interesting idea.

  3. Piece leftovers and use them between the two dye lots to fool the eye. Can't wait to see this finished!! It's one of my favorite projects in bogland.

  4. This looks like the perfect border!