Monday, December 10, 2018

On My Design Wall Today

Last week I showed patches on the wall for a Plus quilt I'm making. It was inspired by a Blogger Bundle I won from Bernie at Needle and Foot, so I'm making it into a Mercyful quilt for the hospice program she supports.

This week's progress: half of the patches are sewn into rows. This is so not my usual color palette - I'm not a purple kind of girl - but I think it's really pretty and I'm glad for the opportunity to expand out of my comfort zone a bit. Hopefully this week I'll get the rest of the rows sewn. 

But wait - What's all that red checkerboard stuff on the right? Those are nine patch blocks that will eventually become borders for the Red Project. More on that project another time.

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  1. Your progress looks great and it's fun to get a peak of your continuation of effort on the Red Project.

  2. I'm not a purple girl, either, but your fabrics are very pretty in this design. I am enjoying seeing the progress of your Red Project, too.

  3. Looks great, I'm envious. I love the color placement.

  4. Lots of great contrast in that blogger bundle, which is so important in this quilt design. Your pluses are looking A++ :)

  5. I like it!! The fabrics play so nice together!!