Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Quilting Pickle Dish

I decided to quilt my Pickle Dish quilt myself. This will be a stretch of my skills and my ability to wrestle a quilt this large. The flimsy finished at about 66 x 78.

The plan is to SID around all the background edges, and stipple the background, using dark green thread to blend in. Then I'll probably use a beige thread to quilt within the arcs.

The SID work has been slow going, with a lot of starts and stops. Due to how the seam allowances are pressed, it's not actually SID but rather edge stitching along the background fabric. My quarter-inch piecing foot is great for edge-stitching.
This photo shows the background fabric really well, true to color.

So far I have all the edge stitching done. Here's the back showing progress so far. The ellipse and diamond shapes will be filled with stippling.

In order to show the quilting, the fabric color isn't true in this photo; it's actually a dark teal green  similar to the green in the background print on the front, with aqua cross-hatching similar to the light blue in the background print. I love this backing for this quilt; I got lucky when I ordered it online.

I'm undecided whether to work on the stippling next or the arcs. The stippling may draw the background up a bit and make it harder to avoid puckers when I quilt the arcs. What do you think?

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  1. I think that stabilizing everything with the SID is always the way to start and I'm not too sure if the quilting density is going to be roughly the same in the background and in the arcs if it will really matter which you do first.

  2. I like stitch in the ditch, even for the some quilting, but in my case it's stitch near the ditch. Does anyone really sew straight enough to actually stitch in the ditch? Love your quilt.

  3. Congratulations! Your quilting is awesome.