Monday, April 1, 2019

March Stash Report and Goals Update

I had a lot on my list for March, but it was a very good month and I got a lot done. Several finishes this month added up to lots of yardage out, so the stash report is looking good. Just in time for Paducah!

March Stash Report:
IN this month: 0 - Yes, ZERO!  No FQ sales to entice me this month.
OUT this month: 13-1/2 yards (Backing for "Goodnight, Darleen!" - 2-1/2 yards.  Binding for GD, 1/2 yard.  Pup baby quilt #1 (Ladder) - Top 1-5/8 yards; Backing 1-3/8 yds; Binding 3/8 yard.  Pup baby quilt #2 - Top: 1-3/8 yards. Backing for Pickle Dish, 5 yards. Binding for Pickle Dish, 3/4 yard.)

IN YTD: 21-7/8 yards
OUT YTD: 40-7/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 19 yards OUT. Whoo-hoo!  I can go crazy in Paducah! ('til the money runs out, there is always that consideration...)

March Goals Recap:
1. Make backing, layer, baste, quilt and bind "Goodnight, Darleen!" DONE
2. Work on STLMQG challenge project, "No Excuses!"  Yes, this project is started. I can't show it on the blog yet until the challenge is over. 
3. Send Mercyful Plus to Bernie at Needle & Foot.  Not done yet, will send it and Bricks and Mortar to her asap for Hands2Help. Gotta find a box...
4. Work on quilting Pickle Dish. DONE - also bound, labeled, and finished!!!
5. Add 3rd border to Red Project, all four sides. DONE
6. Plan and start piecing a new donation quilt. DONE - Pieced two baby quilts using coral pup fabric. Quilted and finished one of them. 
7. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project. Yes, stitched part of one row.
8. Keep up with Bee blocks and BOMs. DONE
9. Look through UFOs and select next project to work on. Not exactly a UFO yet, but I'll work on finishing Pup Quilt 2. 

I have a lot going on in April including some non-quilty stuff and four days in Paducah. Best to keep the list short and get done what I can...

April Goals:
1. Work on STLMQG challenge project, "No Excuses!" 
2. Work on confidential collaboration project. I can't blog about this or show pictures, but I need to spend time on it.
3. Quilt and finish the 2nd Pup Print quilt.
4. Make shopping list for Paducah, and have fun in Paducah.
5. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project.
6. Keep up with Bee blocks and BOMs.

I have two projects I won't be blogging about that will occupy my time, so my posts may be a bit sparse for awhile, or may feature simple stuff like bee blocks. Sorry...