Monday, October 28, 2019

Design Wall Monday: Have Faith

Last year when it was my turn to hand out in my bee, I gave the girls instructions and some of the parts for Jaime's Have Faith block. Thank you, Jaime, for the use of your block.

I gave them low volume backgrounds and a focus print for the small plus, the only constant element in this quilt. This fabric came from the freebie table at guild a couple years ago. The word Botanical is on the part of the selvage that I have, but there's no info about it other than that. Thank you to whoever donated it.

The girls in the bee made blocks for me last year; each person added their own fabric for the large plus taking their cue for color from the print. There are big pluses in navy, aqua, and mustard, and because they were inspired by the print, they go well together.

The plan was to get the blocks back from the girls - they made 12 - and work on this project at this year's retreat. I was able to finish the rest of the blocks for a total of 20. After some cutting ahead of time, I also constructed sashing units. Jamie's design doesn't call for sashing, but I'm adding to her design to create additional plus motifs. Here are all the parts - blocks, sashing and border components - on my design wall today.

I love it! Jaime's design already has a lot of movement, but the additional plus motifs in the sashing and cornerstones create strong but broken diagonals that add even more movement.

The colors in the fabric above are more true; for some reason the aqua blocks all look too blue in this photo.

Ideally I'd be able to leave this up on the all, take down sashing parts as needed and add them to the blocks and rows, and get this assembled into a flimsy over the next few weeks. Due to a surprise schedule change, that isn't going to happen, so all these parts are going back into the box until I can get back to them. This project is destined to become a donation, so there's no deadline.

More about the schedule change in another post.

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  1. Lovely quilt, I love the corner plus, that's a lot of plus blocks and they all work beautifully together

  2. Oh, yeah! All those extra sashing pluses add even more zing to a fun design!

  3. Did you take a picture of it before you took it off the design wall? I sometimes do that so I can remember how it was arranged - even if I end up moving things around a bit when I am in the final sewing stages. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Judy

  4. I LOVE Jamie's block! I've made 2 quilts with it already (although it wasn't until I made the 2nd one that I realized that every other row was "flipped" from the first row...). I love what you've done with the sashing - it really adds to the design!