Wednesday, October 30, 2019

October Stash Report and Goals Update

Due to three days of sewing at Sew Me St. Louis, October was hugely productive in both stash usage and projects finished or moved along. Whoo-hoo!

October Stash Report:
IN this month: 2-1/4 yards (FQ from Sew Me STL.  2 yards wide backing.)
OUT this month: 21-7/8 yards (Backing for Laurie's baby quilt, 1-3/4 yards.  Binding for same, 1/2 yard. Backing for SSSSM, 2 yards. Binding, 1/2 yard.  Triangle flimsy, 4-7/8 yards. Orphan blocks, etc. donated, 12.25 yards)

IN YTD: 98-7/8 yards
OUT YTD: 119-7/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 21 yards out

Another reason the stash report looks good is due to a donation of orphan blocks and parts that I sent to someone who can use them. It's a relief to have that stuff out of my sewing room. 4 pounds, 6.2 ounces according to the post office. This package looks as big as a small turkey! No wonder it feels like a weight lifted.

A few projects moved along or made it to the finish line, including the all-important special baby girl quilt. That said, I didn't quite meet all my goals for the month.

October Goals Recap: 
1. Quilt Kevin's SSSSM top. DONE
2. Prep for binding demo at Sew Me STL using the SSSSM quilt as the sample. DONE; successful demo and binding is finished. 
3. Finish baby quilt for Laurie's girl baby. DONE
4. Look at kitted projects and decide what to work on at Sew Me; prep and pack. DONE - prepped and packed too much!
5. Have fun at three day retreat at Sew Me STL. Oh, yeah, definitely accomplished this!
6. Quilt the purple CCD quilt. Not done. On hold due to other pressing priorities. 
7. Keep up with bee blocks. Done, even got ahead at Sew Me STL.
8. Think about new stretch project. Showed concepts for Dresden Medallion to friends at AFS and made test blocks.
Baby quilt for a special girl coming soon

My version of Kevin the Quilter's SSSSM. 
Will be donated to Project Linus.

Triangle UFO flimsy

Dresden Medallion test block

Due to a schedule change, I need to switch gears and shift priorities in November. I have a lot of deadline projects that have to be worked on right away, including a group collaboration project and block kits to hand out for two bees.

November Goals: 
1. Prep Sew Bee It block kits to hand out at STLMQG. Deadline 11/8.
2. Prep collaboration project for group sew day. Deadline 11/11.
3. Prep WIGSP kits to hand out at December Piecing group. Deadline 12/2
4. Plan and work on Secret Sister gift for Sew Bee It. Deadline 12/13
5. Keep up with other bee blocks

Other: Remember to take everything to STLMQG on 11/9:
  - Projet Linus quilts
  - Bee block kits to hand out
  - Items to donate for ticket raffle

The biggest project for November will be getting kits put together for Piecing Group to work on. Remember, my WIGSP is currently a row of hexies too short for the bed. I need to remove the top border and add a row. It's all hand pieced, and there are 36 little kite-shaped pieces in each hexie. I need to cut pieces - with a template - and mark them for hand piecing. Then put the top on the wall, and lay out the new pieces so they look like they blend in with the rest of the top, not look like add-ons. I need 396 little kite pieces and 32 black triangles. That's a lot of cutting and marking! Thank goodness I still have the templates and enough of the black batik left.

So if I don't get back to the purple CCD from October's list, or the new stretch project, the Dresden Medallion, it's because I have a lot of pressing deadlines for November. Wish me luck that I can get everything done!


  1. Apologies if you mentioned in an earlier post -- what size are the HSTs in your triangle UFO? I have a bunch I'm working on and would like to use your setting as inspiration.

  2. You still had a pretty productive month. The baby quilt is really pretty and the HST quilt turned out beautifully too. Good luck with all your goals and deadline projects in November.

  3. Someone is going to be VERY excited to get all those orphan blocks! :)