Friday, July 17, 2020

Positively Peachy Top

Just a quick finish this week, the baby quilt flimsy I made from undersized fat quarters. It came out to 38-1/2" by 45-3/4". Still a good size for a baby quilt and no one would ever know that some of the FQs measured only 17-1/2". 

A lousy photo - wind, sun on the camera, Murphy in the way (I cropped him out). I'll get a better photo once this is quilted and finished. 

In other quilty news, I've been working on quilting my Bright Strippy Spiral this week. For those of you who've asked for a tutorial, I had planned to post one, but then I learned that there is a pattern much like my quilt. Google Karen Griska's Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern. This was not the inspiration for my spiral quilt, but it is similar to my result. So as not to infringe on her pattern, I won't post a tutorial. 


  1. I love plus quilts and a great use of 'small' fat quarters!

  2. The quilt top looks great and no one would ever guess about the undersized fabric!

  3. I checked out Karen's pattern and the resemblance is definitely there. I appreciate your professionalism.

  4. That's going to be another beautiful quilt, Jan. Congrats on getting the top together!