Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Progress, with a Temporary Solution to the Fabric Storage Problem

After laying out the blocks in an on-point setting I had leftover blue four patches. The plan is to use them for partial blocks for the side triangles. 

Good plan, except that I don't have enough. I raided the scraps and made as many more as I could, and I'm still short a few. I'll need to get into my yardage to cut more. 

Time out while I figure out how to deal with my stash storage problem. It could be months until the Closet Maid shelves are back in stock, so I need a temporary solution. My fabrics, backings, and battings are all in 6 big moving boxes that haven't been opened yet. They're all labeled "quilt fabric." I have no idea which colors are in which box. 

I used to keep my fabric stash sorted by color in baskets, and I really want to do the same here. Everything - yardage, FQs, and small pieces as big as a fat eighth or larger - is kept together. These are the fabric baskets, and the shelves I need are for these baskets to live on in the closet.


I've unpacked all the fabrics from the moving boxes and re-sorted them by color, and for the time being the baskets are lined up around the edge of the room. Definitely not ideal, but at least I can get to the colors I need. 

Now that I can get to my blues, I can cut some more pieces for the remaining four patches I need. I can also see what I have for sashing. When I was playing with this layout in EQ, I liked grey sashing the best. I'll have to see what I have that could work. 

Maybe I'll have my first Arizona flimsy finished soon!

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  1. I know that unpacking into bins that don't get stored away nicely isn't ideal, but I'm glad that you are sewing again. I bet you'll have a finished quilt top quickly. :)

  2. Hooray for liberating the stash from the boxes. Once the shelving arrives, it will be quick work to put the baskets away properly.

  3. While storing your fabric in baskets on the floor may not be ideal, for the short term, at least you can get to the fabric for use!!

  4. Question: Where did you get your baskets? I’ve been looking for some and I like the ones you have here. Thanks! Also- GREAT quilt! I love it. I was looking for a good “boy” quilt for a grandson. I may try something like this. Great inspiration. Thx.

    1. Ellie, you're no-reply, so I hope you get this -
      I got the baskets many years ago at Old Tyme Pottery in Missouri. They're not there anymore, but maybe you can find something similar somewhere else.

  5. Really Like where your 4 patches are going! You could joke and say that your fabric is insulating the walls????

  6. Since you're not sure how long your temporary storage may need to last, I'd suggest getting some inexpensive sheets and covering the bins to prevent fading. I learned the hard way that storing fabric on open shelves, even if not in direct sunlight, leads to fading in some fabrics.