Friday, April 9, 2021

Animal Print Quilt

The animal print quilt made from the fabric Libby sent is finished except for adding the donation label. It turned out to be a cute toddler quilt at 42" x 49". I kept the quilting simple: SID in the pieced rows and chevrons and curvy lines in the print borders, meandering around the animals so no stitching shows on top of them. 


I'm still disappointed in the color in the photos. I guess my camera just perceives the pretty chartreuse green as yellow, even in outdoor light. 

For backing I looked through the bins of fabric the PC Quilters have in their sewing room for charity quilts, and found something that made me smile. Lobsters! And I couldn't resist adding a zebra and a leopard print as well. 

I'll get the required label sewn onto this and take it over to the PCQ sewing room next chance I get to go over there. 

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  1. What a cute quilt! The chevrons remind me of the comic strip Peanuts; not sure why!

  2. The chevrons make me think of Charlie Brown's t-shirt! So cute. Isn't it weird how impossible it can be to get the colors right in a picture. I struggle with this as well. Cute finish tho Jan. Happy Weekend!!

  3. Lobster fabric! What a fun back! This quilt turned out so cute, and to think it was just someone else's scraps to start :)

  4. Too Cute! I don't know what kind of camera you have but sometimes there is a light setting - you could set it to natural light and see if that gives you color you like ;-)