Monday, April 12, 2021

HEIC Files - Advice Needed

 Well, I had a surprise this morning - It seems my phone camera is suddenly now saving photos in HEIC format instead of JPG. 

I can upload the HEIC files to my laptop okay. But the photo editing program* I use can't accommodate HEIC files, so I can't import the files to it; therefore I can't do any edits. 

Does anyone know anything about converting HEIC photos from an Android phone to JPG photos? I might need either an Android phone app or a laptop app to convert.  

Any suggestions or recommendations?  


And because no blog post is complete without a photo, I'm featuring an old favorite, Broken Chevron.


Link ups: Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Love Laugh Quilt

*I'm using an older version of Photoshop from CAS 6 purchased as a student in 2013. Since my Photoshop skills are very basic, the old program has been meeting my needs quite well. 


  1. I just Goggled HEIC and got lots of results. Hope some of them work for you.

  2. Broken Chevron is a pattern I've never seen before, and I love how it looks. Wow!

  3. Here is one tutorial that I found with a Google search for "HEIC files" - if it doesn't work, I'm sure there are others on line (we had this problem but I don't remember which online resource we used to "fix" the issue for our iPhones and my Mac/DH's PC).

  4. That's a really pretty quilt design.

  5. I feel for you. I was experiencing the same issues but with my iPhone. I think the software will all have to catch up to using HEIC but till then, I have had to toggle between taking jpg or HEIC photos on my phone. Do you have the ability to choose which type of photo you take?

    Alternatively, I did find this - maybe it will help you?

  6. Search at the Microsoft store for free software to convert.

  7. Good luck with your phone photo issue, Jan. I have a totally different phone problem. I had to charge it THREE TIMES yesterday and I was barely using it! Guessing it's time for a new phone. :o((

  8. I'm no expert but seeing as no one has commented.... A quick search on the Google led me to lots of articles on HEIC files and Apple devices. Your previous posting mentioned your unhappiness at how your phone captures color. Did you perhaps change a photo setting from "Most Compatible" to "High Efficiency"? Reverse that and you should get the desired result.