Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Catching Up

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. It was quiet here; we didn't go anywhere.  We travelled and did the family thing at Thanksgiving. After that adventure it was nice to enjoy a quiet relaxing holiday. 

It's been awhile since I posted, so let's catch up a bit. 

I made good progress on my Split Complementary Color Challenge, a pillow cover in blue with red-orange and yellow-orange. 

I quilted the front and back panels, just minimal quilting in the ditch to hold it together. Then after a slight delay, I was able to get a zipper for it, install the zipper and finish the pillow. Voila!

I've also been playing with Carla's box and prepping kits for donation quilts. Remember her blue diamonds? I found some friends in my stash that play nicely with them, so I cut more and sewed them into rows. The rows are more or less assembled, and they'll be joined with some navy sashing for a throw sized quilt.  

More goodies from Carla's box are in the planning stages in my sewing room. Her flannel squares will become a throw soon. Her floral prints have been cut into tumblers using the club's die cutter and kitted up to become a throw at some point. 

These will all be donations to the local hospice or family services agency that PCQ supports. 

The other significant new development since I last posted is the "No Shame Train."  It's a sub-group of PC Quilters, with a goal to encourage us to finish our UFOs and learn how to not get bogged down so a project doesn't become a UFO. The first meeting was held in December, led by two good teachers, with the next meeting scheduled for early January. Homework is to locate, identify, and photograph all your UFOs. How you define a UFO is totally up to you, and can be non-quilty projects as well. 

That's it for now; monthly and year end recap, etc. coming soon. 



  1. The pillow turned out beautifully. And Carla's box is going to be put to great use!

  2. Love all your new projects! And I'll be anxious to see where your N0-Shame Train takes you.