Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Need your opinion: Which background?

White Dot

Grey Grid
I'm thinking about a new project using these colors. Which ground fabric would you choose?
The proportion of color to ground will be about as you see here.
White Dot:
Pros: I might have just barely enough; colors harmonize well.
Cons: Juvenile; cannot get more; it's kind of expected
Grey Grid:
Pros: More sophisticated; can get more
Cons: Don't have enough; boring?
Note: the colors show up better in the Dot photo. The Grid photo is slightly washed out.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think, thanks!
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  1. Both background fabrics work well in my humble opinion. I guess it depends if you want a happy quilt or a sophisticated look. The Grey grid with the colors is quite relaxing too! I think I am leaning towards the grey.

  2. I lean towards the gray. Its simplicity makes a nice balance with all the vibrant colours, I think. I will tell you, though, that for the gray, my eyes look mostly at the colours, and with the white dot, my eyes go back and forth between the colours and the dotted print. So it depends what look you want. Hopes this helps.

  3. I apologize ... I'm not crazy about either. If I had to choose, I'd go with the white dot. There's not enough contrast with the grey.

  4. All of your colors seem to pop with the white dot.
    The gray seems to be washed out.

  5. I guess it depends who the quilt is for. My immediate response was the dots, definitely... but the gray is more modern and you could really make things pop with the right binding. The more I look at it, I'd say the gray, so that the colored fabrics are the star. Those dots steal the spotlight... Now, if this quilt is going to a child, go with the dots.

  6. They both look OK but I like a little action in the background prints and so would choose the dot, but really I would probably have several similar prints as the background instead of just one.

  7. The grey grid fabric appeals to me over the dots. Have you considered using solid white?

  8. I vote for the grey grid :) I like different, not the same ;-)

  9. I prefer the gray--the colors/prints stand out more against the gray than the dot in my opinion. Can't wait to see what you decide and your final product.