Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thursday

I love "Really Random Thursday" over at Live a Colorful Life, so today I'm linking up.

My randomness today:
  • The dishwasher works. It cost me the equivalent of 22 yards of LQS fabric to get it repaired, but now it washes dishes. 
  • The new garage door has been installed and it looks great. So clean! and SO QUIET!
  • I'm contemplating submitting a proposal for a book to AQS; outline, project notes, & research in work.
  • A friend is coming over today to play in the sewing room and have lunch.
  • My studio is not too much of a mess:
my studio, 8/29/2013

Life is good.  Today is gonna be a great day.


  1. Well it was random. Hope you had a good time playing with your friend in the studio. Makes me wish I had a quilting friend.

  2. Totally jealous of that huge cutting area! Hope you had a good time with your friend!