Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wed. 9/18/2013 and STLMQG Ohio Star project

Got my work cut out for me:

Ruth's Storm at Sea blocks ready for hand piecing
One of the groups I belong to does hand piecing. We usually do one block a month, sometimes two if they're small. Or we may do smaller parts that would later be combined into a larger block. This month is Ruth's turn and she has a deadline, so we're helping her progress faster by making two blocks each. That's a lot of hand piecing! These Storm at Sea blocks are complex, at 25 pieces each. Ruth handed them out all planned, cut, marked, and laid out as you see here.  My job is to assemble these two.
In other news, now that the Ohio Star Challenge projects have been revealed at the STLMQG meeting, I can show you my project.  I mentioned it here and here.  Now I can show it to you:

STLMQG Ohio Star Challenge
It's wall-hanging size, about 26" by 36".  To make my Ohio Star modern, I decided to go with wonky.  If you know me, you know that in my perpetual pursuit of perfect piecing, I don't do wonky well or easily; it just doesn't come naturally to me. So I challenged myself to make it wonky. I "exploded" the Ohio Star block and made the parts uneven - well, at least I tried to, they still came out more even than I would have liked.  I drew asymmetrical flying geese and paper pieced them (yes, perfectly pieced wonky!).  The border was added to meet the size requirement for the challenge, and because I liked the fabrics together. Note the mitered stripes in the corners.  My project kind of looks folkloric - is there such thing as folkloric modern?
Linking up today with Work in Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Check out all the wonderful creativity over there.


  1. I really love that Ohio star pattern! The white space is quite effective :)

  2. I like your Ohio Star pattern, but the only thing that looks wonky to me is the small square in the center of the star. Everything else looks perfectly pieced! I like the addition of the white, but it's still traditional in my book. It looks great to me.