Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Stash Report and September Goals

Time for the final accounting of stash enhancement for August:
August in: 12.0 yards (my 5 yard order of Kona cotton arrived Friday, gotta count it)
August out: 6.5 yards (includes 2 yards from my stash given to a friend; I will shop her stash sometime but I'll have to count it in when I do.)
Net change for August: +5.5 yards in
YTD in: 97 yards
YTD out: 92.83 yards
YTD net change: +4.17 yards in
Not too bad, could be worse. Still hoping to end the year at breaking even. I actually used a lot that I can't count yet because the top isn't done.  Hopefully it'll be done in September so I can count it all used.
Monthly Goals
1. Quilt & finish Charmed Snowballs.  DONE
2. Post Charmed Snowballs tutorial on blog. DONE
3. Quilt & finish STLMQG Ohio Star Challenge and find someone to take it to the September meeting which I will have to miss.  DONE
4. QQ2013 entries: Labels, label covers, sleeves, entry forms.  Give quilts to friend to turn in on due date as I will be away. DONE
5. Keep up with bee blocks and new BOM from LQS.  DONE
I guess I did OK on these, maybe I should set tougher goals? 
Actually I keep a list of private goals that I don't publish, and I didn't do as well on those. The private goals are not necessarily sewing or quilting related.  Only two out of 5 complete, one started,  two not touched.  The partial one and the not touched ones will have to continue into September. 
September Goals:
1. Complete applique on Dresden project.
2. Layer, quilt, and bind jelly roll project.
3. Edit pattern for jelly roll project; finalize for publishing. 
4. Write & post tutorial for hidden zipper pillow to blog (requires reconfiguring tutorial tab).
5. Keep up with bee blocks & LQS BOM. 

My sewing machine and I will be away from each other for two weeks in September, so not much sewing will take place. Therefore my September projects will have to be less sewing-focused, or will have to feature hand work.

Come back tomorrow to see progress on the Dresden project for Design Wall Monday.

Linking up today with Judy at Patchwork Times, who encourages mindful stash management with Sunday Stash Reports. Check out how others are managing enhancing their fabric libraries!

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