Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday 9/4/13

Remember the problem jelly roll, here?
This is what I've been doing with it:
Actually I made a top using these blocks and Kona Bone where the brown is. It's pretty, but kind of expected. So I made the same top again using the brown, which is Kona Cappuccino.
Two tops. That means I need two backings and I have two WIPs to quilt.
Inspiration: sandwich the two tops back to back and have a totally reversible quilt:
OK, it was a challenge to get it perfectly matched.  I used tacks up through the bottom layer at the block intersections, and I aligned the top layer over them and pushed the tacks through all layers.  Then I carefully aligned the outside edges and pinned at all the seams.
I quilted with a simple (ha ha) meander, using a thread color that would complement both sides.
With back-to-back matching tops, all the seams stack up.  In some places there are 12 or more layers of fabric in a small area, and trying to quilt over them on my domestic machine was a nightmare.  It got bogged down, then jumped; didn't slide easily; and just generally didn't cooperate at all.  Very disappointing.

Oh, well.  I hope to get the binding on and finished this week.  Pattern in work; hopefully I can progress on that next week.
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  1. Well, it looks good! Especially the cappuccino side...that brown really makes the colors pop!

  2. Wow...that looks great! Did you create the pattern or do you have a source?

  3. Love that colour combination! Great tips for lining up the front and the back -- I'll definitely give that a try sometime.

  4. For all your hiccups you had with this quilt, I must say that it looks gorgeous! The colours and patterns complement each other perfectly!!