Monday, March 31, 2014

DWM 3/31/14 and April Goals


All of the sewing-related stuff for the book is done so I cleaned up the sewing room. Look at this fresh slate!  So refreshing.
Clean Design Wall

The lines you see are thread, just pinned in. The upper one is as high as I can reach without the ladder. The oblong is baby quilt size, 40" wide so a single WOF backing will work. The horizontal and vertical lines help with block alignment.

I did a little extra sewing last week and whipped up some QOV blocks for Kevin the Quilter from stash. Three yards used and 18 blocks ready to go.
QOV Blocks


1. Complete Heat Wave top (formerly called Luminosity); send top & backing to long-armer. DONE
2. Write Heat Wave pattern for book. DONE
3. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Zen Garden. DONE
4. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Singing the Blues. DONE
5. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Heat Wave. DONE
6. Complete all other photo samples of block parts, etc. for book. DONE
7. Keep up with bee blocks. Piecing Group block and QF First Saturday blocks are done. Not enough white fabric provided to finish Krista's library block; due 4/12 so there's still time.

1. Review and edit all files for book, before going to Paducah.
    a. Check all calculations for yardage and cutting.
    b. Check for consistent style.
    c. Label all images and diagrams; compile list of them for managing files.
    d. Check spelling & punctuation.
2. Photograph book quilts.
3. Keep up with bee blocks.
4. Have fun in Paducah.
5. Begin organizing all book files into AQS format & requirements.

In addition to the above, I'm going to Arizona for three days to visit/take care of my father. I'll be in Paducah for three days, too.
Also, the bathroom renovations continue. The hall bath is finished enough that we can start using it. It looks good. DH painted it over the weekend (what a difficult and unpleasant job).  I need to get a shower curtain & curtain rings so we can determine the height to install the shower rod. The demolition of the master bath starts today, a much bigger and more involved job than the hall bath.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday - go see lots of design walls over there that are more inspiring than my bare one!

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  1. I like your idea for dividing up your design wall to help you determine size quicker. I have a similar system for blocking some of my blocks when I get them back when multiple people have pieced them. Your QOV blocks look good.