Monday, March 10, 2014

My latest non-traditional quilting tool

Solving two problems with organizing solutions:

Problem #1: I've been sewing a lot of binding lately. It's usually pooled on the floor next to my sewing chair, not the best way to organize it. I tried the TP roll hanging around my neck method and didn't like that. Idea: My SIL has a freestanding TP holder in her bathroom so I thought I'd get one of those, wind the binding on it, and stand it next to my chair.

Problem #2: The rulers that I use occasionally but not every day need a home, preferably not on my cutting table, and there's no available wall space within reach of the cutting table. There is, however, the side of a bookcase, so I could mount something there to hang them.  I'll look for a small towel bar and get some S-hooks.

So I went to one of those home & bath big box stores and did not find what I was looking for. No standing TP holder.  No towel bar or curtain rod small enough to mount on the side of the bookcase. 

Then inspiration struck: A mounted TP holder that could hold the rulers most of the time or hold the binding when I need it.

Hardware: TP holder and S-hooks
Potential binding dispenser

DH mounted it for me. We found that I bought S-hooks that were too tight, so he opened them up a bit so they fit over the bar and it's easier to hang the rulers on them.
Mounted ruler rack
Binding dispenser
The location is perfect for dispensing binding. Imagine the binding coming down and toward the camera - that's about where my right shoulder is when I'm sewing. This will keep the binding off the floor and untangled. Since I only occasionally need it for binding, my rulers can be stored there most of the time and they'll be off my table and out of my way.
What do you think of my solution?
Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. I guess you could say I have a different kind of design on a different kind of wall today!


  1. Two thumbs up :) I never even thought of a toilet paper roller for binding. I fan fold mine and sit it in a box on the floor next to me.

  2. Love your ideas! I have more fun going through the hardware store and the office supply store looking for alternative uses. Usually cheaper than things sold specifically for quilting, also.

  3. Great idea!! I'll be going through the "miscellaneous" junk box in the garage!

  4. What a great idea for your binding and rulers!