Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Thursday: Progress

It's a noisy week around here because the hall bathroom renovation is underway.
Progress so far:
  • Demolition, gutted down to the walls and then some.
  • Plumbing, including relocating the toilet to the correct 12" from the wall (was 14").
  • New tub installed.
Hall Bath 3/20/2014

Today the electricians are here move the outlet & switches. The plumbing inspector is due today, too.

I'm making progress toward what I need to get done for the book. This month I want to have all the photo samples of block parts complete and placeholder photos of them taken and placed in the manuscript. Progress so far:
  • Block parts and finished blocks are made for all the blocks.
  • Test photos have been taken of the first set to test my photo set up. This set up is satisfactory for placeholder photos; AQS will take professional studio photos to replace my placeholders.
Here's what my photo set up looks like:
Photo set up

The sewing table is opened up in "aircraft carrier" mode and my clean new cutting mat is placed face down. Behind it stands a white foam core board like the ones used for school science fairs. This reflects light from my Ott light so I don't need to use a flash. There's barely room there for my stepladder between the sewing table and the cutting table. I stand on the second step so I can shoot straight down on the block.

Now if I only knew anything about photography and could figure out the camera settings, etc., I might get decent pictures! Oh well, these are just placeholders, they don't have to be perfect.

The other book progress is on track, too. My goal for March is to have all the book quilts completed, quilted, bound, labeled, and sleeved.  The last one is at the longarmer now. The others are DONE.

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