Monday, July 14, 2014

DWM 7/14/17: The Ugly Churn Dash Saga Continues

If you remember the saga of the Churn Dash top that didn't turn out well (here and here), I decided to take the top apart, cut the blocks into fourths, make some more with red in them, and reassemble it Disappearing Nine Patch style.

Here's what my design wall looks like today, with stacks of parts pinned to it:
I spent some time last week unsewing. I also made the little red units. Because I didn't have any more of the dot fabric for the center of the Churn Dash, I had to use some of the sashing strips and construct those 1/4 Churn Dash units individually. I still have several CD blocks to cut apart and some more that haven't been unsewn yet.
Hopefully this week I can get them laid out in a pleasing arrangement on the wall and get them resewn into a new top.
In other news, my elderly neighbor is moving into a nursing home tomorrow. I'm giving her this quilt.
Trellis, 62" x 74"
I made this top a long time ago, before I ever got EQ5. Remember when hinged mirrors first came into vogue for designing? I designed 1/4 of this quilt on graph paper with colored pencils and then used hinged mirrors to determine the complete design. It's actually just Nine Patch and Kaleidoscope blocks. That was back in the late '90's or very early 2000's I think. I didn't have the skills to machine quilt it at the time, so it remained a UFO until 2006. Since then it's been hanging in the closet. Now it's time to go with Dot to a new home.
Linking up today with Judy at Patchwork Times. Check out all the inspiration on everyone else's design walls over there.  


  1. I think the red will add a lot to your quilt. And how wonderful your older quilt has found a new home.

  2. I read somewhere that gardeners should not give up on a plant until they have failed with it 3 different times.

    The same thing is true of quilting. If you never make an ugly quilt, you never take a chance to find out what doesn't work and why. I've made 2 horrible quilts, but I learned from them and wont make those mistakes again! Good for you for taking this one apart and turning into something you will like.

  3. It is always a bit of bummer when we have to spend so much time seam ripping, but I really like the way the blocks look de-constructed and I think adding in the bit of red is really going to work well for the quilt! I look forward to seeing how this progresses. And what a wonderful gift for your neighbor and great use for a UFO. I hope that quilt gets a lot of love.

  4. Great idea to deal with the blocks you weren't crazy about.

    Beautiful quilt that you are sending with Dot.