Monday, July 21, 2014

DWM 7/21/14: Too Many Projects

I have a bad case of quilters ADD right now - I'm pulled in too many directions by too many projects. As a result, my sewing room is a mess, my head is spinning, and I've lost track of some of my priorities and goals.

These are the cut parts for the sample of Kristen's quilt. I'll kit them up for a weekend retreat coming up soon. Meanwhile I can send her the yardage requirements and cutting instructions so she can get the rest of her fabric and start cutting. Since the cut squares are 5", I'll suggest that she get a couple of white charm packs so she doesn't have to cut all those white squares. (Kristen's quilt was not on my July goals list.)

This luscious pile of batiks is for a guild challenge that's due in October. I've started working on it, but too many of my guild friends read my blog so I'm not going to show WIP pictures. The theme is 30-Something, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of Circle in the Square Quilters. (This challenge quilt was listed as optional on my July goals, as I hadn't been inspired yet when I made the list.)

This is what the wall looks like today:
  1. On the wall: parts in progress for the special baby quilt that's due in early September, maybe sooner. (#1 goal for July, get that top done. Haven't touched it yet this month.)
  2. On the ladder: Donation quilt top, back, and binding, all prepped. (#2 on the July goals list, get it quilted and finished. Haven't touched it.)
  3. On the hanger, the reconstructed DCD top. (This never was on the goals list. Lots of Churn Dash projects on the web inspired me to try one, and after it came out so ugly it became a personal challenge to make something better of it. Way too much time spent on it this month!)
I need to regroup, clean up, prioritize, and focus. I will begin today by cleaning up, because I have friends coming over for a mini-workshop in making flying geese on Wednesday. No way could we work in the sewing room in the state it's in now!!!

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out all the design wall inspiration over there. So much inspiration is how I get so distracted with so many projects!


  1. Your quilters ADD sounds so like me. Good luck refocusing!

  2. You sound focused to me! :) I really like how your Churn Dash top turned out - very clever solution to fix a result you did not like. I think it is so cool that you are mentoring your niece. She is lucky to have your expertise guiding her!

  3. I tend not to have too many WiPs at once, so I know it can feel overwhelming to have a lot of projects going if that isn't your style. Good luck getting your list organized and prioritized. :)

  4. It's contagious! You caught it from my last Monday's post!!!

  5. You can never have too many projects going at once. Can you? I love your orange fabrics.

  6. Goals are guideposts not a ball and chain. I am raccoon-like --- ooh new fabric, oh look at that ruler, hey let's start? My goals give me the opportunity to decide whether to do what I wanted to do at the beginning of the week or to go wild. I'm known to do either! You've got some great projects to look at today.