Friday, August 15, 2014

Too Late

Updated: I waited for my SIL to call back with the address to send it, but when she called, she told me that Uncle D had died.

A Comfort Quilt:
Sadly, extended family member Uncle D is in poor health and is now on Hospice. I am sending a comfort quilt to Uncle D and his wife Aunt M.

Medallion Quilt

1/4 of Medallion Quilt Showing Fabrics

Center of Medallion Quilt

Simple medallion design, 60" x 60"; pieced in 2005 from stash fabrics which were already several years old then. Fabrics used were inspired by a class in color and fabric selection given by Louise at The Quilted Fox. Long arm quilted in 2006 by Sandy Etheridge.

Yes, back then I had a stash of country blue, barn red, and mauve, as well as border prints due to the influence of Ginny Beyer. I also had an appreciation for four corner symmetry due to the then-new use of hinged mirrors to visualize the design.

I've always liked this quilt but it has never been used because it never went with my d├ęcor. It's been hanging in a closet ever since it was finished. Now it's going to a new home where I hope it can offer some comfort to the recipients.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your uncle :( I am sure your quilt will give them comfort, it is beautiful!

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope that this quilt gives him comfort in his time of need.

  3. Sad to hear your uncle ins in the hospice. I am sure your beautiful quilt will touch his heart. Love what you did with the centrre medallion. Have a great weekend. Marie x

  4. Sos orry about your uncle. Hospice workers are the best people I know, so he is in good hands. Hope this lovely quilt brings him some comfort.