Monday, January 19, 2015

More Blocks, Gramercy & Friends

Making one block at a time, and only one of that block, is more fun than making 20 of the same block. So I've been making blocks, and this is what my design wall looks like today:
Design Wall as of 1/19/2015

Here are some of my latest favorites. As you can see, I'm already using some of last week's stash additions. On the left, templates and Y-seams, Whoo-hoo! And on the right, the popular X-Plus block.
Today's Favorite Blocks

I've been playing with layout, and here's one that I like, a little more interesting than just a standard blocks-with-sashing layout. It uses 22 twelve inch blocks and two 24" blocks. A few of those 12" blocks are actually four 6" blocks together, for variety. Because the 24" blocks don't take up as much space as four 12" blocks with sashing, I can add 1" borders of the sashing fabric around them to make them fit. As shown, this layout would measure 72" by 84".  When I get this far I can decide whether to add more blocks or borders to make it larger.
Possible Layout

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  1. I really like this layout! I love the idea of mixing different sized blocks together. And I'm totally with you about sampler type quilts being so much more fun to make. You don't get bored!

  2. Very interesting layout! Especially the added sashing to make the math work. That would have flummoxed me!

  3. Only 7 more 12 inch blocks to go for the layout you have shown - you are moving right along! I agree that the 2 large 24 inch blocks add a lot of visual interest to the quilt top. And it is fun to see your recently acquired fabrics already being used!

  4. Oh my goodness! I love the circles fabric on the left Y-seams block! That block is beautiful!

  5. I like your possible layout! It looks very cool. And your X plus block is gorgeous! (Visiting from Let's Bee Social.)

  6. Nice layout. It is more interesting than straight 12" blocks

  7. I love these colors! Subtle and earthy... reminds me of a Japanese taupe quilt. Fun to see your progress with these blocks!